Dark Magic 2 or atmosphere or hitman pro


I neeeed help!!! Which one do y’all think I should get. Well first I like doing grinds, slacks and whips. But I like the feel of a smaller yoyo but I can get a very very strong trough with larger yoyos ( means it feels like I can through harder with like a dark magic). Which one because like the atmosphere is heavy which I also like heavy yoyos. They feel more stable. like which one of these would y’all prefer for me. I’ve had a dark magic 2. The original hitman ( I loved it). But I never had the atmosphere. And plus ill get 2 of the same so like one for competition and one for every day practice and for school. Thanks



Well firstly I haven’t heard very good things about the Hitman Pro, so I would say either the Dark Magic 2 or the Atmosphere. However, I would consider buying other yoyos before buying any of these. If you are on a budget consider buying a metal yoyo for around 50 dollars. You can buy some good metal yoyos for that price such as the DV888 and G-Funk (these are undersized but there are some full sized metal yoyos for 50 dollars). Also there are some other good yoyos out there such as the Northstar and Protostar. If you aren’t on a budget you might want to consider buying a more expensive metal yoyo. Hope this helps!


Did you like the Dark Magic 2? If not, consider buying the Atmosphere. They are both great yoyos.


Each of these will do what you want, but personally I didn’t like any of them. I think for an extra $20 you can get a good new metal that will perform better (The rec-rev Sine/saw comes to mind). or for the same amount–$45–you can get really good metals off the BST. For example I’ve seen a few Genesis being sold around that amount.


Dark Magic 2 nuff said.

Don’t get the atmosphere, it’s for 5a. Good for 1a but heavier and meant for 5a.

Haven’t tried a Hitman, but any JD sig is good…


Thanks I already have a dv888 I kinda don’t like it it’s too light in my opinion. I am willing to play about $85 - $40. It’s for my end of the school year reward. And plus isn’t national yoyo day June 6?? And I got out of school June 7. So I guess I’ll see what’s online for sale I mean my mom is getting the yoyo. I can afford all three but I just want to know which is better that’s it thinks


I love my atmosphere. It is small, heavy, and good for slacks


Hitman pro. And forgive me but “Throw.”


I don’t think you should get any of those, but what’s your price range


Um like $95 - $40
Like I need something the size of my dv888 and smooth like it with arm grinds


Of the three you mentioned, I think the Atmosphere is what you’re after. I have the original version, pre-Solid Spin. It has the stability and weight of a larger yo-yo because of the brass rims. If you want to drop a couple grams of weight, just pop the caps off. Of the three, it grinds the best because of the textured plastic on it.

The grinding of course depends on quality control. I sent my first Atmosphere back because it was very wobbly. The replacement is smooth and grinds great. My friend got the Solid Spin version and it was wobbly. I’m guessing they’ve probably ironed out these issues, just don’t settle if it’s not smooth out of the box.

DM2 comes in second place for your preferences.

Hitman was awesome. Hitman Pro was a huge letdown for me. It’s just not big enough to be really stable. Not sure if its grinds are better than the DM2 or not, but a good Atmosphere is better than both.


Look at the C3 Dibase it seems to fit your preferences


The DM2 grinds like a beast!!