Which yoyo is better?

I need a new yoyo and I’m wondering which yoyo is better out of the Dark Magic 2, Hitman Pro, Cerberus or SR71 or what is another good yoyo around this price range? thanks

It really depends what you prefer and how you play. Do you like big or small? Light or heavy? Do you play fast or slower? A bit more info would help us give better advice.


I’m still kinda new to yoyo-ing, I can do most of the advanced tricks on the trick list but really I think I just need an overall good yoyo :L

A proven favorite for new people is the DM2. However, none of your choices are bad.

The DM2 is big and on the heavier side. While easy to catch, the highwalls help reinforce good technique. The Hitman Pro is undersize and with big metal rims, is designed for grinds, but can’t IRG work a darn.

I haven’t played the Cerberus. The SR71 is on my wants list. Did you want to consider the XCon Pro too? I really enjoy the XCon Pro.

Really, at your level, I think you’re better off perhaps considering a metal yoyo. What is your budget and what are you throwing now? I’m guessing that your budget is around $60 max based on models you mentioned.

There’s a lot of amazing stuff at really reasonable prices. A favorite low-cost metal is the Di Base by C3YoyoDesign. Another is the Facade by RecRev. YYF has some good quality metals at under $70, but I must say that I’m not interested in them, but that’s due to my preferences, not due to quality. If you’re into Delrin, the C3YoYoDesign Halo I really enjoy and I wouldn’t mind getting a RecRev TA-1S either, even though I already have the TA-1.

Too much good stuff out there!

well you’ve given me a a lot to think about but out of the ones I said and the x con which is your favourite?

It depends.

I started with the DM2, it’s still a favorite. I have 2, both set up with Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings. I love this configuration. I also have a preference for full sized/almost over-sized and on the heavier side of things. The DM2 fits that nicely.

The Hitman Pro I’ve been playing a lot more lately. Both this and the XCon Pro are JD signature models. The Hitman Pro has pretty much all the weight in the rims. The XCon Pro uses mid-weight rings, similar to the Phenomizm(which is also excellent).

As much as I really enjoy the DM2, I find myself reaching for other yoyos these days. Oddly enough, the XCon Pro. The XCon Pro is an interesting beast. Small, fast, and could be unstable or it can be rock solid. This is a great trainer yoyo, but I think still good enough for serious competition. This yoyo doesn’t like bad throws, so it forces you to improve your throw and get it nice and level.

Really, favorite is kind of a position that can change from day to day. I have lots of YYJ models, and in fact, I just got a Trigger. I even ordered a Speeder(not 2). Sometimes my Speeder 2 is my go-to, sometimes it’s the Phenomizm, maybe it’s a Lyn Fury or a Kickside or a Speed Maker. I also have the Chaser and Legacy II to choose from as well. I just kinda grab something and start having fun.

The Hitman Pro is wider than the XCon Pro. They are both smaller than the DMII. What am I more often reaching for? The XCon Pro a little bit more. The XCon Pro is NOT a good grinder though. I may be playing my Hitman Pro at my kids’ school tomorrow just because I haven’t but most likely it will be the Trigger. I’ve actually put away my DM2’s and have been carrying around a Vexed a lot more.

One thing I look for in a yoyo is “different than something I already have”. I like to mix it up and have variety. All I really care about is “is it fun”, and for the most part, that answer is “yes”.

But better? Each has a unique playing personality. Each is different, yet great in their own way.

Sorry for throwing out more models. It’s not fair for me to add to your confusion. I might just grab my ENEME or Phenom just to throw more models into the equation!

Unfortunately, I’m kinda running out of models to get at Nationals! I hope YYJ is running a booth, I could pick up some “missing” items!

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Wow… you really know your yoyos, theres so many “good” yoyos to choose from, would you ever sell one of your yoyo’s?
And thanks for all the help you’ve given me so far

If your price range is about $60 buy a werrd hour, they’re on sale for $60 and they are normally $75. Also there are two black ones on the bst for $50. It I an amazingly stable throw and fun to play.