which is better?


hey I’m still kinda new to yoyo-ing but


I need a new yoyo and I don’t know which to choose out of the DM2 the cerberus the hit man or the sr71 what would you recommend?


First of all do you know how to bind and second are there better yoyos other than those for a cheaper price?




There is no better. Only preferences. Preferences determine what is better for YOU.


Exactly as studio 42 said.
Personally, out of those, I would buy the hitman.
But for the same price, I highly recommend the dv888!
It plays like a DREAM.


i have tried the dm2 (i have it) and i use my friends sr71 more than he does :P. the dm2 seems to be more stable than the sr71 though. they are different. the sr71 is VERY underrated. great solid throw. same goes for the dm2. beginner? yoyo for you. advanced? yoyo for you! have to ask others for the hitman and the ceberus though.




The DiBase is more than the dv888 by about $10, but I will completely agree that in my preferences and my opinion(again, not fact!), the DiBase smokes the dv888 and is well worth the extra $10.