Hitman or DM2


Ok so my dad is just giving me $200 for Christmas so I was gonna get a Genesis a Go Big a speed dial for my friend and either a Dm2 or Hitman but im not sure which one would be better i can go for any anything under $50


what level yoyoer are you? and what kind of yoyos do you have already?


Better is a relative term. Because the DM2 and the Hitman Pro are so different, I can’t give a “better”. I can only report my observations. You have to use that information to determine what may be better for you.

The Hitman Pro is smaller than the DM2 but also has really big metal rims, so it’s good for arm, hand finger grinds. I don’t want to remove my caps so I have no clue about IRG’s. It does have a habit of the rims coming loose, so press them back into position. It’s a bit wide compared to it’s diameter, but it’s not like “superwide”, its more “a bit wider than an average yoyo for it’s size”.

The DM2 is full sized, almost over-sized. It’s heavy in the 69 gram range. Smaller rims. It can do IRG’s but you need to remove the caps to do it. The highwall inside means it’s not great for horizontal play. Where the plastic is, it’s not as great for finger grinds, but arm and hand/palm grinds it’s great.

Also, I think the Hitman Pro is over $50, but I’m not sure. YYJ make a lot of really good metal/plastics. I also like the XCon Pro, which uses mid-rim weight rings. It takes a bit to get used to due to the fact it’s also undersized, but man it’s a good yoyo as well.

I think my position of really liking the DM2 is well known, and even with much more expensive stuff, I still go back to this one more than anything else. In general, I do find myself going to YYJ products more than anything else. There’s so many I play and enjoy, which includes the DM2, Hitman Pro and XCon Pro. Trigger, Vexed, Phenomizm, Phenom, Unleashed, Go Big, Fiesta XX, Big Yo, Speeder and Speeder 2 and so many more. There’s also many other YYJ’s I want to get, including the SR-71 and SFX. The Trinity just made my wants list but I’m going to pass final judgement on that one when I get to play one in a couple of months.


DM2 is my favorite yoyo that I own. But if you’re used to more expensive metal throws, it’s going to be different.


I started about a month and a half ago i have a Zen 4 and the mystery bag yoyos (Superwide, Counter Attack and Speed Dial) and since i haven’t been throwing that long i don’t have that many favorite types of yoyos like plastic metal and plastic/metal


Get a pair of Loop808’s for your 2A adventures, and maybe get a YYJ Pinnacle for screwing around with 5A and then get some bulk string. That should be around $50 before shipping.

You’re new, get some variety and options. I did a big buy a while ago so I’d have stuff around when I got ready to get into something. It included 2 Unleashed, a Fiesta XX and Big Yo, so I could try 2A and 4A exactly when I wanted to.

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