wanting to upgrade from a DM2

hey, im wondering which yoyo would you consider “better” than a DM2. i know some of you will say “its personal preference.” but you cant really have a preference if you havent played another better yoyo than a DM2.

so i am wondering what is a better yoyo than a DM2 (your preference). i might consider buying also - in the future.

I would suggest getting a full metal if you want something new. I don’t know what your price range is but I would look into the JK,DV888, or the Raptor.

Any of those are good. C=

If you can afford it, swing for a genesis. Not the hubstacked one though. Hubstacks get old fast…

Maybe a campfire or like exazrael said a genesis. The campfire is fast stable and fun. The genesis is very very stable and spins for long times easily, you can also have a lot of layers of string in the gap at one time. Im not sure if you like grinding but the campfire (to me) grinds better and longer.The huge difference of the two is the campfire is tiny and the genesis is huge lol.

Or be official and get a kickside.

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Just got a beat up Gnarwal. Wow. I mean, like seriously. And I have a DM2 and I love it, but this Gnarwal, it’s gnarly! Smooth as glass, it seem to self correct if my throw is a little off.

HOWEVER, call me stubborn, but I still like my DM2 better. Why? Well it just feels better in my hand. I like the size better. Weight is a wash in my opinion. I just like the feeling of the DM2 better. Then again, sometimes habits are hard to break. I might just have to put the DM2 down and say “no” to it for a week or more just to get some perspective.

I’ve also recently gotten some other great throws. A Code 1, which I like because of the size, as it’s closer to the DM2 in those regards but performs much different, which will take some getting used to. I also scored a mint Markmont Next, which feels great and I think could grow on me. Smaller than the DM2 but feels great in the hand. Also picked up a TFL Delorean, which is a beefcaked model. That sucker feels like it could just spin for days. I also got a Half & Half, which I feel doesn’t compare, but is a decent throw and shaped like the Markmont Next and with similar weight and dimensions.

I have other cool goodies on the way from YYE as soon as the last item arrives. I’m also closing a deal in a BVM.

Still I like the over-sized DM2. It feels better in my hand. I like the weight. It’s not too heavy and it’s not too big. However, too much weight in a smaller throw will make it heavy. I think some of it is tied to perception. My Mighty Flea feels heavy since that’s a lot of weight in a very small space, and my Aoda Little Guy feels a lot lighter despite it being heavier and larger. And I don’t have particularly large hands.

However, it all comes down to personal preference. You’re gonna need to buy something to try something, unless you can borrow something. Better comes down to what is “better” to you. That’s all that matters. Price is irrelevant.

Well, something to take over preferences would be how you like the DM2. Do you like the weight? Do you like the side caps? Do you like the metal weight rings and momentum? Or do you like the celcon plastic instead?
All these answers to these questions are basically, preferences. Or if you really just can’t think of the answers of the questions, well could you tell us your skill level?
I agree with Studio42, the DM2 is a great yoyo, good enough to go through any trick.

Just giving a note.