DM vs DM2 ?

Hi. I find myself having a problem. I have alot of high-end metal throws, but the plastic-metal YYJ hybrids will always have a special place in my heart.
Ive used a bunch of them, but never tried a DM or DM2. I know that Dm2 is a sequel so its supposed to be improved, but many people say that the original DM was in fact better.
I dont know if theres a weight difference (but i believe Dm2 is lighter), but i`m more into heavy yoyos.
That being said, can you please make me a suggestion between those two, or if you consider another full-sized YYJ plastic-metal better ?
Thanks a lot.

Personally I find my DM2 to be meh, maybe it’s because i’m a poor player, or maybe it just isn’t my style. I have heard lots of greath things about the hitman pro and x-con though, i would probably give those a look.

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As far as DM vs DM2 i’ll have to go with the DM2 all day. Is pretty heavy but doesnt feel as heavy(about 69g) as some of my other throws…like my sr-71. Which is a bi-metal that you dont hear much about but it is my FAVORITE throw! this thing gets thrown more than anything else i own. So that would be my suggestion as far as a good bi-metal. It’s a solid, stable and heavy throw. Grinds well too! SR-71! TRY IT! the x-con pro just came out which i here is great too…but it’s undersized

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Thanks i`ll look into them

I never used a SR-71, but u seem very excited about it, so ill just try one :D. And about the x-con pro, my god its gorgeous !!
Never heard about it until u told me, so u deserve a big thank you.

not a problem friend! Either way i dont think you’ll be disappointed!

Dm2 is lighter, but certainly not a light yoyo. 69g is more than enuf.

I have the DM2 and even though I’ve got more expensive stuff, it’s still the one I keep going back to time and time again. Just something about it feels really really good to me. I can’t guarantee you’ll agree, but that’s my opinion and my preference.

Maybe it doesn’t help that it’s my first modern yoyo either. Whatever. I still like it.

Here is a video that I did recently using my Dark Magic 1, not 2. I actually traded away my dm2. Of course the dm1 will have a special place in my heart because I used it through all the tricks on this site. I like them both but what I do is take out the caps and if I want then I put in weight rings…i think size 326 was it. That way you can have the weight all on the rims and it is easier to remove than the caps. Ok here is the video…I say dark magic 1 or 2 will do very very well.

The weight rings are in on the video. I personaly think that because the dm1 has only one spot for a oring or silicone ring (i put flowable in the place of the rubber o-ring) and starburst for the other side…it handles my regens better, I did enough in that video right? Hehe

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I have the DM II and i’m not a fan of it!

Any DM is pretty legit.

Dude u are awesome ! I really like your video.
I think I will get a DM1, it looks great and u can`t go wrong with a classic.
Thanks a lot !

If you decide to get a dm1 then make sure that you have some flowable silicone and some patience. Thanks for the complement as well.