DM or DM2

Simple opinion question: Which yoyo is better? A DM or a DM2 ???

DM2. They wouldn’t have redone it if it wasn’t any better.

that is a matter of opinion
some might like that the old one was heavier and had a hybrid system
as where the new one has silicone and is lighter

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When I had my old DM, I played it more then my Juggernaut, and Dv888. I just loved the feel. I didnt really like the DM2 i used at worlds. Just didnt feel “right”.

I have a DM2 myself, I really like it, but it gets sort of annoying at times to silicone it then wait for it to fully dry. :-\

Is the hybrid system better?Or, not really. I’ve never tried a DM.

well you would have to try it
i rally like the hybrid or almost any o ring
better because you dont need to worry about them
but in my experience they can have slippy binds sometimes on a bigger gap where as silicone usualy does not

It’s all really a matter of preference. I’ve had a number of hybrids, either traded them off or switched them to dual o-ring, which I prefer. The only hybrid I’ve had that I like is the hitman. It’s the only hybrid I still own. Other people love’em.

I loved my DM but since I got my DM2 (which I got about 4 days after release date) I havent even thought about it, the DM2 to me plays better. Its certainly alot smoother (provided you have a good throw) and the pad response is absolutely amazing, I used to have some problems doing suicides on the DM but the DM2 suicides almost as good as my small bearings. so in my opinion the DM2 is the way to go.

^ The record for the most smilies used ever.

DM2 is a dual siliconed solid spin axle Dark Magic. If you like hybrid response get the DM1 if you like dual silicone get the DM2. I do not believe DM2 is adjustable either but it may be.

It’s not

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But it does come with a slim bearing to compensate for the lack of adjustability.