Differences between the DMI and DMII


SO basically i have a dm2 and was wondering what the dm1 was like. All i want to know is the main differences, pros and cons and finally on ur opinion which one was better for you?


The DM1 has a hybrid response, meaning there’s half starbust, half o-ring. The DM2 uses the solid spin axle system, and is dual silicone pad response. Personally, I love the feel of the first version better. I’m not quite sure why though.


Your not alone, I like my DM alot more than my DM2. Just like it more, hehe.


i have the dm1 and its really good for intermediate play imo… im not a real fan of the high walls… but to answer your origiona question… its not only the response, but i believe there is also a slight difference in the shape involving the metal rings that are designed a little more snap start and thumb grind friendly… it also includes an extra bearing to accomodate those who play responsive and unresponsive


hmm yeah ive been hearing that a lot about the dm1 feeling better so i wanted to buy one and i finally found a site that sells some


Another thing to add would be, the DMI almost always has a slight vibe. It also has a adjustable gap.

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Also, one important difference is the feel. Because of the weight, and the distribution, the DMII feels significantly lighter and more floaty during play than the original DM. Some people might mind this, so this should be taken into account when comparing them.


you mean like speed maker? ???

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Yes. Most of the older YoyoJam yoyos have this response. However, the newer ones now sport the dual silicone response.


do u guys think its worth buying if i already have a dm2?

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I feel like the hybrid response really just kills the first version for me. It just feels like the the yoyo is always biting the sting. If you replace the O-ring with silicone, it gets decent, but the starburst is still kinda annoying.


so it probably isnt worth to buy the first version huh alright thanks


i wouldnt buy both… but thats your call, theyre still the same yoyo, just the differences are nit picky…