DM I or II?

Which is better? I’m thinking about getting one and I’ve heard different things about each. What do you have to say about them?

DMII. They are available and you don’t have to scounge Ebay or BST to get them.

The DM1 has an adjustable gap and half starburst/half o-ring response with black rubber o-ring installed. They are also discontinued.
The DM2 has a solid spin axle, dual response pad response and a few other changes to make it smoother, more stable and more reliable. The gap is adjustable via the different bearings it ships with: stock responsive and the unresponsive bearing already in the package.

I do have both. Just get the DM2.

Thanks! I’ll sure keep that in mind

DMII gave the DMI a more modern touch. Silicone response as opposed to hybrid, elimination of the iffy adjustable gap system, a more durable axle system, etc.

The DMI can be fun to play with as a major part of yoyo history, but the DMII is the better option.

DM2 is a fine flying throw.

DM1 surely don’t deserve any flack either. I remember as a youngster just dreaming of getting one.

Non-the-less go with the DM2 it will be easier to get.

I currently own both and they are both great. I feel like I can get slightly longer combos done with the dm1 but the dm2 is smoother. They aren’t that much different except the response.

I say go for the dm2 cuz it will br easier to get… Unless you want to own a “rare” , discontinued piece of history then you could try to find the dm1 on the BST.

I’m in complete agreement. Here is a rare(by YYJ’s words), discontinued piece of history:
I got this from a YYJ Ebay auction.

Regardless, DM1’s aren’t showing up on BST very often.

The DM2, on the other hand:

This you can get pretty much whenever you want to. Retailers buy these in large numbers because they sell. They sell well and they sell a lot. People tend to like them. I have 5 of them myself.

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Both are good, just a bit different. I would get one on ebay or the b/s/t anyways, so if you see a DM1 you like go for it.

I just sold 2 DM1’s LOL

As an all around yoyo, I vastly prefer the DMI. The adjustable gap lets you fine tune how responsive the yoyo is, and I love the happy whirl sound the starburst makes. The DMII is the better for unresponsive play, though, imho.

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i like the dm2s better because i play unresponsive. the dm1 is responsive and ok, but extremely rare.

You can get the DM1 full responsive. I recently got a “new” one. It played unresponsive right out of the box. I know it has an adjustable gap system.

Either way, I’d still recommend the DM2 because it’s readily available.