Dm2 pros and cons

I am going to get a DM 2 and I need to kno the pros and cons, I don’t want to but something without knowing what it is…

Pro:Can handle any trick

Con:Really heavy. You get tired after a while.

Pros: Andre did the entire tutorial section with it, so there is nothing it can’t handle. So if it can do the trick, it’s not the Yoyo.

Cons: It is on the heavier side and can play a bit solid (opinion, maybe you like solid)
Since the center is plastic, finger grinds aren’t as good as an anno finish

Pros: Two bearings, allowing for easy change from responsive to unresponsive play.
Con: If you’re into one type of play, you don’t need the other bearing.

Pro: Metal/plastic design puts weight on the rim where it’s needed
Con: Unless you like full plastic or full metal only, there’s otherwise no con here.

Pro: Uses replaceable response pads or can be siliconed using various RTV products including flowable.
Con RTV silicone takes up to 24 hours to cure. Still, good way to save money and learn some handy skills. Response pad are kind of expensive in comparison but are ready immediately. It is about preferences.

Pro: The caps can be removed, reducing a bit of weight and allowing for IRG’s
Con: The caps can become loose. You can either leave them out or use a touch of Elmer’s white glue to stick them in place.

Pro: Can handle anything you can do with it.
Con: Technically speaking you don’t ever need to get a new yoyo. Kids: don’t tell your parents about that if you ever want more yoyos!

Pro: It can grind.
Con: there’s better stuff out there for grinding, but this can still handle it.

Pro: The yoyo is on the top of the full sized spectrum.
Con: This is only bad if you like smaller yoyos.

Pro: The yoyo is very stable and solid, allowing for long spin times.
Con: The yoyo is heavy at over 69 grams. However, it doesn’t play heavy or anything, it feels good on the string. You know it’s there.

Pro: Wide choice of colors available.
Con: Great unless they don’t have the color you want.

Pro: Almost always in stock.
Con: Gotta wait for it to arrive via US Priority Mail.

Pro: Uses C-sized bearings.
Con: When you get different bearings, you may find yourself experimenting with what’s best for you. The take-apart design makes this both easy and convenient.

Pro: It’s not insanely expensive. When you factor in everything, it’s actually quite affordable.
Con: It recently went up in price. It only went up around $2 or so. Compare that to the Speeder 2, which jumped up over $12.

Pro: Minimal packaging. It comes in the “classic” YYJ green plastic box.
Con: Come on, you’re buying it to throw it, not for fancy packaging. Open the box, take it out and throw it already! Actually, the con comes from higher end stuff like the Phenom, which also comes in the same box. But again, these are to be thrown and used, not stuck in the box for all eternity.

OK, so this is bit biased. But you’re already heading in that direction anyways.

The DMII is amazing except for the highwall (which helps with regens but hinders suicides) and you need to remove the caps unless you want vibe and center weight.

My caps became loose over time. I glued them a week ago. It fixed the vibe and noise I was having. Caps put more weight to the outside, so its not a center-weight thing. Look at the location.

The most affordable, full sized, well rounded throw, that will grow with you from beginner to advanced level tricks.

You don’t have one, but when you get one, you will want a second one…and maybe a third. You get the idea. :wink:

It’s a decent enough yo-yo but I MUCH prefer the SpinFaktor X which is around the same price.