Dark Magic II Review!

(Note: I’ll be referring to the Dark Magic II as DM2)

This is my overall review

Weight: Great
Size: Great
Good For [color=blue]Expert Level Tricks[/color]
Gap Size: Good
Spin Time: Good
Appearance: Fantastic
Price: Fantastic

Total: Great Yoyo

Here is what I think in more detail.

DM2 Yoyo Review
First off let me mention that I have had this yoyo for around 7 months and it stills plays like it is new. Sure, its luster has faded slightly over time, but nothing but a little bit of cloth on the metal rim on the outside will bring out the shine.
This yoyo is great for someone who has had a cheaper metal or plastic yoyo (Metal Drifter or a Lyn Fury), and is looking to improve their game to the next step. When I got the box, the yoyo came with a narrow bearing inside the yoyo itself. It is much worse than the speed bearing which comes in the box. For the average spin time with the narrow bearing I averaged around 1:30. Though I have never timed the speed bearing (I lost it  ::)), I am proposing that it is at least a 5 minute spin w/o tricks.
The weight of this yoyo is similar to holding an Iphone. It has a similar weight to it and the outside feels like you just put your hand on an ice cube. The caps are removable with some suction or tape, which leads you to be able to do thumb grinds with the yoyo. The yoyo is a bi material yoyo, which means that the whole yoyo is made of two different materials. A weighted aluminum ring which adds momentum onto your spin to increase spin time, and a plastic inside.
The axle on the inside is removable, so you could if you really wanted to buy a longer axle and use two C Bearings to enlarge the gap even more. If you are trying to get used to landing on the string in that intermediate phase, the DM2 will definitely make performing the Split Bottom Mount, Double Or Nothing, and 1.5 mount much more natural and fluent.
If you already have a yoyo capable of 5-8 min spins then the DM2 will be a great yoyo for someone to practice new tricks on, rather than using their better yoyo of choice.

Overall, if your on the fringe of purchasing this yoyo and you want to learn advanced tricks, I would highly recommend you buying this yoyo. Buy it from this site or from yoyojam.com


(Note: This is also the yoyo used in tutorials by Andre Boulay)

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Pretty sure Andre uses the DM1 in those tutorial videos. Great review though =)