YoYoJam Dark Magic II Review

The Dark Magic II is the sequel to the ever-popular “Dark Magic”, the famous signature series of Andre Boulay by YoYoJam. The Dark Magic II features the new “Solid Spin” axle by YoYoJam. The yoyo comes with two bearings; a bearing for responsive play and the all new “SPEED” bearing for unresponsive play.

This yoyo is large and oversized, and it plays somewhat slower than my Ice Aquarius. However, the yoyo is very smooth and, with the incredibly wide shape, easy to land on the string. This yoyo comes with hubcaps on, which are easily removed with two suction cups. The hubcaps, however, makes a very annoying floppy noise while spinning, so I play with only one cap on. Here are the specifications for this yoyo:

Diameter: 56.13 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 41.4 mm / 1.63 inches
Gap Width (mm/in): Narrow Bearing: 3.00 mm / .12 inches Speed Bearing: 4.95 mm / .19 inches
Response System: Silicone O-Ring, Compatible with Slim Pad CBC/K-Pad Response
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) YYJ Speed Bearing

Instead of the little nub where the axle goes, there is the new Solid Spin axle, which is a flat aluminum cylinder that is a bit smaller than a dime (keep in mind that I live in Canada). The Dark Magic II did not have a long sleep time at all. With the Speed bearing installed, the yoyo only slept for 1:26 seconds! Therefore, I bought a Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing, lengthening the sleep time to 2:46 seconds. I was thoroughly impressed on how smooth this yoyo plays, especially with the KonKave. However, I find the aluminum rims to be very easily dinged up. A couple of little, tiny dings on the ground will cause this yoyo to be terrible for grinds.

When I first received this yoyo, I found out that the rims are very good for arm grinds and palm grinds. However, the large plastic body made finger grinds difficult. The yoyo has a bad ridge for thumb grinds, and the yoyo often dies out after a long grind. This yoyo, contrary to the “Solid Spin” axle, is very unstable. After long combos, the yoyo (even with the KonKave bearing) starts tilting to its side and dying out. I expect more from the sequel to the Dark Magic.

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Do you think that maybe the tilt you see might just be normal as the yoyo slows down? Most yoyos do that.

any yoyo will tilt when it slows down so maybey its your throw thats not giving u long spins

Maybe because you only have one pog in the yoyo is being pulled more to one side.

No, that would cause it to precess or rotate around the axis of the string.
My money is on the throw.

I tried the DM2 yesterday as I liked the look of it, however it had the same feel as my old X Convict. (That plastic/ metal construction feel). On the throw I was not too impressed, when compared to my other throws it is subpar. But still with all the hype around this model I had to give it a try. it’s got good weight and balance and decent spin, etc for how its constructed. BUT for the money, and here’s the point, you’d be way better off with a Duncan Raptor or the YYF DV888 as both of those smoke this hands down.

It’s all opinion and preference.
I have a DV888 and a DM II. I prefer the DM over the DV888, but i like also a larger throw over an undersize.
Would love to try a Raptor though.

Ya, I think you’re right. Recently I got a DV888, which I thought was much better.