YYJ Dark Magic 2 Black Spade Edition Review

Hi guys, this is my first review hope you like it.
So, the Dark  Magic 2 is the sucesor of the Dark Magic, both signature series by Andre Boulay.
For those who don´t know the Dark Magic originally used a hybrid response feature , which consisted of an o ring and a starburst feature, and it had and adjustable gap, Yes! Just like the one your kickside has (if you have one), but not many peopled liked it because no matter how much you untightened the gap it was almost always gonna come back, i mean, it was a responsive yoyo, so if you wanted to make it unresponsive you could just put a kk bearing and thin lube, but let´s stop talking about classics.
The Dark magic 2 uses the YYJ solid spin axle sistem, which means the gap can´t be adjusted, BUT WAIT! WASN´T THE DM (dark magic) SUPOSSED TO BE A VERSATILE YOYO, THAT COULD BE USED BY BEGGINNERS AND EXPERTS!!. Yes, but now it´s better because the yoyo comes with a standard c- size bearing for responsive play for beginners, when you´re ready to move on you can change the bearing to intermediate and advanced play.

Now, the dark magic 2 is made of plastic with metal rims so it has a different weight distribution  and it spins longer, how long? there are many factors, the strenght, how straight you throw your practice, etc.
But if you were considering a metal yoyo like the dv888, you might wanna consider it twice

Playability with responsive bearing:
I only used the responsive bearing like 20 min but i really didn,t like it that much, i mean you probably arent supossed to expect a responsive yoyo to spin for long but for example, the kickside can spin like a minute, and  this one can spin like 20-25 seconds, whats the deal? while the kickside has an adjustable gap so while the bearing is pretty small and therefore responsive, being able to open space between the gap cuses it to grab less the yoyo and spin longer, but with the new solid axle system the sice- C bearing is extremely tight with the gap and that makes it not long spinning and too much response, overall it´s not bad , i just wouldnt consider it much for intermediate play but for starters its perfect.

Playability with unresponsive bearing:
the speed bearing from yyj is pretty big and in my opinion… A BEAST this bearing causes this yoyo to become an unresponsive beast, capable of the most complex tricks and long combos, i would say with a strong sleeper you could get around 3 minutes with the yoyo spinning, now theres something else that makes it great,as you might already know, yoyos like a grind machine can spin for about 2 minutes but when you do string tricks, if youre not really good youll almost never even finish advanced tricks before the yoyo stops spinning, what happens is that when you do them the more the string touches the edges of the yoyo youll make it slow down or even stop, with this bearing and the awesome weight distibution causes it to stick to the center and, therefore, the only thing you have to worry about is your sleeper.

Diameter: 56.13 mm / 2.21 "
Width: 41.4 mm / 1.63 "
Gap Width (mm/in) : Narrow Bearing: 3.00 mm / .12 "
Speed Bearing: 4.95 mm / .19 "
Response System: YoYoJam Silicone O-Ring
Compatible with Slim Pad CBC/K-Pad Response
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
YYJ Speed Bearing

But wait wisswiss whats this whole deal of the black spade edition? OOOOOH YEah about that, well the difference between the black spade edition and any other dm2 is that the black spade edition has a translucent dark red plastic body with black rims and one of a kind looking caps, all the other standard editions are clear translucent colours and have all the same caps, and yes the black spade edition ones are very different, but other than that there´s no difference, the only reason why i got it like that is because as this yoyo is already ment to be a classic i wante dto have it in a way it could be even more special. I mean it has been used to win many championshipss, like 2nd place in nationals. Pus you can remove caps to mmake thumb grind.


  • Looks really cool
  • Plays really smooth
  • Long spinning times
  • Every kind of player can use it without being disappointed
  • Andre Boulay made it (yes that´s a pro don´t even doubt it)
  • Performs just as well as a metal yoyo
  • Can be use for thumb grinds


  • The standard size- C bearing is too responsive but instead just use the speed one, you wont reegret

If i havent said it  all then heres a little bit more: the DM2 is one of  the best yoyos i´ve ever tried, ive tried other metal yoyos and this oneperforms just as good , so either you´re a starter looking for your first yoyo or an expert looking for a good yoyo just go to yoyoexpert.com look in the buy section for Dark Magic 2 and press buy, you wont reegret.
p.d- wanna see some more of it with the different bearings? go here :wink: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78870362@N07/sets/72157630285053486/

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Really good job!
If you want to improve it a bit I would take a look at highspeed yoyo reviews, sniffy-yo reviews, and njstringer’s reviews. All three are excellent sources for information and are very well organized.

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thanks sorry if it´s a little bit messy, its my first review

No it wasn’t messy, it was actually really nice! I enjoyed it very much. I just gave you the names of those guys reviews so that you could see some examples of really successful reviewers for your next review. Overall though awesome job?

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I meant awesome job! Sorry the ? Was a typo.

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Just so you know, the narrow responsive bearing is not a C-size bearing. It’s, well, a narrow bearing. The SPEED bearing is a standard C-size bearing.

Also, I think that the Dark Magic was used to win 1st in nationals, and 2nd in worlds.

In the review, I think you could’ve added more about how it plays. Other than that, it was a pretty good review.

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on the bearing reply : http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic chec what it saiys about the bearings on the stats
On the reply on what has been won: yes ur right im sorry
On the playability: sorry this is my first review.
I know it,s all constructive critizism, and it helps a lot so ill put thanks anyways. :wink:

They’re both C sized bearings. One is a “half-Spec” the other is in it’s normal dimensions “250x500x187”.

Think of it like cutting a normal C bearing in half…

The half spec bearing makes the silicone response area closer to your string by closing the gap of the yoyo a bit, making it more responsive.

Nice review though man. I’d suggest taking a look at High Speed Yoyo’s reviews as well as Yoyoskills write ups.

It should give you a good idea of how to organize the review.

Also, experience goes a long way. Read the forums, read ALL the reviews, and most importantly…throw.


I really want a Black Spade DMII now…you’re review obviously did it’s job.

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Actually, on the bearing thing, they only put the SPEED bearing in the specs. The narrow bearing is still a narrow bearing, which has the same size inner and outer races as a C bearing, but not the same width; the SPEED bearing is a full C-size bearing.

It was still a great review though. Yeah. I’m tired, so I don’t know what to type down so…yeah.

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Yeah thanks for that not even i knew that and im glad i helped.

Btw- i never actually got the trading cards, only the sticker, im kinda sad :frowning:

They’re working on the 2012 ones.

Yeah well i was really exite but whatever

Nice review! It had a lot more charater than most reviews I read and kept it interesting! I think its already been said but the only thing I have to say is that more depth on like how smooth it plays and how fast or viby it is would have been cool but it was still vry informational! Keep it up!

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Tanks helped me a lot this is my first one so you really helped me out glad u liked took me ages