Dark Magic II Review

I had just ordered a brand new Dark Magic 2 from Yoyoexpert.com and was really excited for it when it came in the mail. The first i thing i did run to the mailbox and and get my new yoyo and rip it open. Plus this is my first review so wish me luck ;D

First Impressions: My first impression about this yoyo was its look. The art on the caps looked AWESOME and the yoyo was nice and heavy (personally i like a heavier yoyo). It felt great in my hand as well.

Stats: Diameter=56.13mm/2.21 inches
Gap Width=w/Narrow Bearing, 3.00mm/.12inches
w/Speed Bearing, 4.95mm/.19inches
Response=Silicone O-rings
Bearing Size=Size C(.250 x .500 x .187) YYJ Speed Bearing

The Throw: The first thing i tested when before using this yoyo for tricks was how long it could sleep and the stock bearing(Speed) slept for quite a while, about 2min and 30sec. The responsive bearing, for 45 seconds. When i played this yoyo on the string it was like yoyo heaven. It was smooth like butter. It also impressed me for a its one big title. The thumb grind. This yoyo was amazing for thumb grinds.

There are some cons to the yoyo. Ive recently tried some horizontal play and its not very good for it. Its either me or the yoyo is too heavy to stay in the air. Another problem was that the plastic and metal rings on the edge have been coming apart and my string get stuck in the gap thats caused from the plastic and metal coming apart and would stop the yoyo and it would snap in half and i would have to put it back together. Also when i opened my yoyo the axle was already loose.

Feel: This yoyo is heavy. If you dont like anything heavy dont buy this yoyo. Its gap is a good wide size to land more difficult tricks like Eli Hops.
Conclusions: This is a great yoyo. Long spin times, great even weight, great grinds. Its practically a steal for 41$. Andre Boulay did a great job designing this yoyo. It comes in Black, Blue, Lime green and Red. What are you waiting for? Go buy one now! GO!


Good information and advice. Thanks.

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