Dark Magic II

I’m gonna do a review on dark magic II. It’s a really stable yoyo with good spin time. I recommend this yoyo for people who are beginners and more intermediate play.

Okay some nice things about it.

  1. It’s really cool looking and you can order it in many colors.
  2. It’s smooth and stable.
  3. Good for many tricks and grinds.

And one thing I don’t like about it.
1 it’s hard to make thumb grinds

It’s a really good yoyo and I really recommend this yoyo. Hope it could help xD

Okay review, but I think you might want to try elaborating more on the shape and weight, and how they affect play, based on your own experience playing it, and your opinion. How does the shape feel in your hand? What kind of tricks is the shape suitable for? (slacks, whips, grinds, etc.) How heavy does it feel during play? Any interesting detail that makes it stand out from the other yoyos you have tried? These, I believe, are the details what differentiate your review from the other reviews, and also help other players decide which yoyo to buy.

Okay, the diameter is 56.13mm and the width is 41.4 mm.
It feels nice in the hand and it’s a really cool yoyo. The gap with the large bearing is 4.95mm better?:wink:

I think you should add more about how it plays.

Also, the DM2 is great for advanced play. It’s also great for thumb grinds. As a matter if fact, if I remember correctly, the original Dark Magic was the first yo-yo to have an area that’s made for thumb grinding.