Dark Magic review

I’ve had my Dark Magic for about 2 months now.

It looks ok. Nothing great. The sidecaps are well detailed. Kind of bland…

Shape: Butterfly shape of course, not too big, not too small. It’s all preference.

Playability: On a throw, this thing isn’t smooth at all. It hits the end of the string with a clunk, and it’s pretty slow when it comes to whips/slacks. The spin time is usually 30 seconds to a minute on a good throw. It would be great for a beginner to an advanced player learning to do string tricks. Adjustable response level, for the most part. The snags and tilts are unbearable on this yoyo, something like the trick Seasick (Expert part 2) will send it flying back to your hand.

Grinds: This is great for grinds. The sidecaps can be taken out allowing more space for thumb grinds. On an arm grind, it just glides across your arm, and the same for finger grinds.

Weight: 70.60g
Diameter: 56.34mm
Gap width: 3.40mm
Width: 41.31mm
Bearing size: Large
Gap type: Adjustable
Response system: O-ring/Starburst

Overall, this is an okay beginner yoyo. You can learn most of the tricks André teaches, and can handle some beginner combos. I would highly recommend the Dark Magic 2 over the original.

On the contrary to your review, I really like my DM I, using it for all my tricks. Anyways, nice review, but try to make it longer, giving more details. :wink:

pics…nice review

Thanks guys, and yeah I know it seems like I badmouthed it a lot but I do like it for 5a and It’s great for learning most of the tricks Andre Boulay teaches