Dark Magic 2 Reveiw

First off the spec’s

Diameter- 56.13mm

Width- 41.4mm

Gap- 3.00mm with narrow bearing 4.95mm with speed bearing

Response- O-ring

Weight- 69 g

First off this yoyo is one of my fav throws. I have used it every day since I have got it. Its shape fells nice in the hand and doesn’t hurt even on hard binds. the weight might take a while for some people to get used to if you like lighter yoyos. The one downside is that after a couple days the speed bearing became responsive so right now I have a one drop bearing in it. It doesn’t have the tightest binds but will still get to your hand but it may take a few tries if the yoyo is spinning slow

The arm grinds on the yoyo are very good because it has metal rims. Palm grinds are okay. IRG’s are terrible because the lip on the yoyo does not come out far.
Grinds- 9-10
This yoyo looks nice while spinning with caps on or off. I have it in blue which light shines off of nicely. The metal rims really shine even after 3 weeks of use.
Looks- 9-10

This is my first yoyo review so tell me if it was good hope ya’ll liked it.

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Lol wierd…
I can usually thumb grind for 5seconds and bind back with no problem whatsoever :confused:

Good first review though :slight_smile:
Addin some pics would make it look better tho :slight_smile:


Well the bind has nothing to do with the yoyo itself it’s the type of response u put in it.

Something else worth noting is its high walled and tils easier

I have noticed it sometimes tilts or moves a to different direction

Why did your bearing turn responsive? Did you keep it dry or put too much lube?

I have had my Dark Magic II for a couple of years now and it is still my favorite throw.

I just got the dark magic 2 black spade edition.