Would you recommend the Dark Magic


If so what are some good features


Many people like it, as do I, but I find some of the more complex tricks hard to do on it. However, for a newer player I think it is great.


I think complex tricks are easy on it. You just gotta practice and get a feel for it.

Gets decent spin times and plays smooth. Can grind pretty

This thead is in the wrong section by the way


Yes. I do recommend the DM2.

2 bearings. Responsive, unresponsive. Play with bearings. Good size and weight, nice and stable, good long spins on a good throw. It is on the upper end of the full sized range and kind of heavy, but nothing is needless.

Grinds. I can’t grind yet, but I have the option. Finger, arm grinds. Pop the caps, lighter weight, gives you IRG capabilities. Maybe add a weight ring and put the cap back in.

The higher sidewalls do reinforce cleaner play, making this a great trainer, but it’s attributes also make it ideal for competition should you want to.

Big catch zone. This helps you land the tricks.

Can handle anything you want to do with it. Well, except maybe not so good with horizontal and that gyro spin trick. Other than those two things, it’s great. You can do horizontal with it, it’s just not an ideal shape. The gyro spin, well, the yoyo has a cap that is going to be too shallow, too smooth(burn!!) or with the cap out, the solid spin axle system has a bump in the rim that would be in the way.

You can silicone it if you want to.

Flexible and adaptable. Works fine for 1A, 3A and 5A. It CAN do A, but I don’t recommend it.

Overall, it’s a lot of yoyo for the price. The plastic drives the price down and keeps it affordable. It comes in many colors and some special editions. They are readily available, so no worries about getting this one if you want it. They show up on BST frequently for a steal if you want to go that way.


Not sure about other DM2 but I found grinds terrible on it. The yoyo is too vibey and the plastic creates too much friction so it wants to climb rather than spin in place, not to mention even with the caps off, IRGs are difficult because you have to practically get your finger nail in the rim.


This yoyo is awesome! It helped me learn a ton of tricks when I started, it also helped me switch to unresponsiveness.


It took me from beginner tricks to the master section of the trick list here on yoyoexpert. Can’t really complain but I could never grind like André could on his arm.

Good spin times and now it comes with two bearings for switching responsivness.