what exactly are the differences between the Dark Magic and the Dark Magic II. Because I JUST bought a Dark Magic 2 weeks ago and they just released a new one, is there anyway to exchange them or buy equivilent upgrades for my Dark Magic?


i think or hope it would be an improvement
i mean why make a seconed one if it is worse than the first :wink:

but what’s better about it?

I’m pretty sure it has metal throughout the body underneath the plastic, like the Revolution.

I’ve used the Revolution and it’s awesome, it has a little different feel to it then normal yyj bi-metals, I really liked it.

Also, I think its a tad lighter

your right and everything, but i dont see how being lighter is an improvement. the DM is pretty light itself.

The original dm was 70 grams thats not light

the main difference is the new axle and the yyj silicone pads on both sides

As far as I’ve seen, the axle, silicone pads (no more hybrid response for all you starburst haters - and o-ring haters at that), and the 3-gram weight difference are the only differences from the original. Also, it ships with both a thin bearing (think half SPEC) for responsive play and a standard C size bearing for unresponsive play. So to my understanding, this could eliminate the need for shims and make this a pretty solid throw. I’m honestly highly interested in trying it for myself.

Oh, and it uses translucent plastic to emulate the original release of the first DM.

Yah with the standard c bearing in it, it has a 4.95 mm gap which is to me perfect. I wasnt a huge fan of the original 3.40 mm gap, it just seemed to thin IMO.

If you read the product page, it lists all the differances.

And we have a winner!!!

LOL!!! Ahhh, the power of reading.

Come on guys you’re blowing my cover. He wasn’t supposed to know that that’s where I got all my information! :stuck_out_tongue: