Dark Magic II

So on “another site” I saw a YYJ Dark Magic 2 that uses the same axle response thing as the Revolution. And was lighter, so you YYJ, and/or DM fans, be prepared for the DM 2!!!

Why would they make it lighter?

Link my good man, link ;D

^^Indeed. In my opinion, it has the perfect weight or could be a little heavier.

They actually have them here at yoyoexpert: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic

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Very kool. And check out the response system, looks like slim pads on both halves.

Andre, your the man!

I actually posted this before they came out.

Yep, saw this on (that one place with the store and the forum), and I was like… actually happy. They finally decided to bring the weight down to 67 grams. I HATE yoyos over 67 grams. I couldn’t stand the weight of the OG DM, so I brought the caps out, and recently sanded, or satined or whatever it’s called all the dents off my DM and took a decent chunk of the metal off by doing so, so that brought off a ton of weight. I replaced the bearing, cleaned and lubed it, and I have to say: the DM I have isn’t a bad yoyo at all. I actually couldn’t stop throwing it yeaster day after I modded it. It was seriously beat on rims bbeyond repair and now it’s like… mint. And when the caps are out on this new one, I bet this is actually going to be a decent throw with the caps taken out and the unresponsive bearing put in. Good job YYJ!

Oh btw, Andre on the specs, it needs to be changed from 70 to 67 Grams. Or do Original Version: 70 New Version: 67. Something like that.

Yeah. I might actually like this throw a little more because of it’s weight brought down and the fact that it uses silicone too.

Ooohh didn’t notice that. Nice!

Updated my above post.

LOL, I kind of just want it so I can chuck it around, do walk the dog, and play 5A with it, and thow it up in the air and fail.

Hmm… well I only posted a few hours after you… I guess Andre was like a Ninja with updating it… haha


looks like a Legacy, except it has metal rims… and still a smaller gap

I just finished up an article at the YoYoWiki, here’s some info if anyone cares:

“The YoYoJam Dark Magic II is the sequel to the ever popular Dark Magic , the signature yoyo of national yoyo master Andre Boulay . This second version features a variety of differences from the previous Dark Magic. The first is the shedded rim weight; the previous version weighed in at a whopping 70 grams, and at the request of many members of the yoyo community, YoYoJam changed the weight to a more comfortable 67 grams. The diameter is slightly smaller, and the width is lightly wider. Some bigger differences between the two versions is that this second version features YoYoJam’s new Solid Axle system. The Dark Magic II switched from hybrid response , which came with the old version, to a very likable silicone . Another bigger difference is that this version ships with a responsive bearing in the yoyo, to learn more beginner tricks, and when ready to move on to more complex tricks, it also ships with a unresponsive YoYoJam Speed Bearing, which allows for 100% unresponsive play.”

this is sooo cool!

The DM II looks awesome with the translucent red. Does anyone know if it will be produced as much a the original DM or will it be a limited run?

I don’t think it’s a limited run, it’s just like every other YYJ.

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