The Re:DM project

Good Morning people,

Im a person who never experienced in the YoYoJam era, which there was some really cool yoyos at that time.
A few months ago i bought a DarkMagic from a friend, and i really fell in love with it yet super scared to play a lot with it since you will never know a 20 yr old yoyo will crack.

So after I designed my own PC yoyo a few moths ago, I started a side project to test if i can design a DarkMagic replica but with machined PC.

So, here it is,
PC + 7075 AL RIMs
Width: 41.9mm
Diamater: 56.4mm
weight: 70.9g

Well actucally i didnt do really good on the weight part i must say.
but im glad i tried to make one just for the repect of YoYoJam.

So yeah im heading back and play it for a bit, see ya guys later!


Looks pretty spot on to me. Yoyowiki says the weight for the og DM is 69-70g so you’re just barely over that.

@AndreBoulay can you make a run of these?


Thanks, after playing a bit more, the feeling of playing the original dark magic is coming back!

BTW, i still have 3 more prototype in stock, so if anyone is interested let me know (its not cheap though :rofl:)


@redzaku every time I see your post on Instagram I make sure to leave a like, you doing so many interesting and curious designs! Keep up the great work


Thanks Albertino!


New follower on IG!! Good stuff!!


Looks nice! The Dark Magic is probably the best yoyo ever all things considered. The more I play with them, the more I think this. I prefer the original over the DM2.

Yes, you need to keep the weight above 69 grams. That’s part of the Dark Magic’s charm. If/when Andre ever does a DM3 I really hope he keeps the weight the same, and does not follow the light as a feather trend we are plagued with now.


May i ask why the weight is over 69 on dark magic?

Was it designed that way of play, or just it was hard to lower the weight.

Sorry if i asked stupid questions


Andre specifically wanted a heavier yoyo.

You can read about it here: Interview with Andre Boulay - Home of the offical YoYo fun forum


Thanks for the info, A lot of people have tested the ReDM liked it very much, they think its an improvment over the original DM, I am considering to mass produce it in the future, so lets see how it works later on.

still waiting on andres reply.


I am down for when they become available. Let me know please