Ghost Edition Dark Magic II | YoYoJam

Ghost Edition Dark Magic II is one of the most gorgeous yo-yos to hit YoYoExpert.

This special edition features a clear polycarbonate body with polished and then Nickel Plated Dark Magic Rings.

What you get is a completely one of a kind Dark Magic that looks amazing. Comes in a whole gram heavier too weighing at right about 70 grams!

Created by YoYoExpert.

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Whens the DMIII come out? :slight_smile:


Best looking Dark Magic ever!

Y’all make some beautiful dmII’s


I had the pleasure of seeing one of these in action last weekend, and as good as it looks in pictures, it looks that much better in person.

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That’s a beauty.

And whats more… DM2’s are basically invincible. I’ve done offstring with this thing, 5a, walk the dog, you name it. It does not break! I <3 it! Not the specific ghost one, but my second unresponsive yoyo was this DM2

Debating getting this… I already have my YYE cart set with a pair of Classics and an Aeronaut… do I add this, do I drop the Aeronaut…

Darn you Andre!!! I thought I had my stuff all figured out and then this comes along. It’s like you’re just teasing me!

I think this just beat the awesome looks of the H3X. And 70 gm! Nickel Plated! A Skull with jaggedy lines! That might be coming home with me. And I wanted the prodigy.

Why must yoyoexpert do this to me! :wink:

oh man thats cool!

Now, you have to order that Shinwoo light kit with it  ;):

The demo vid Andre put out is sick. The light kit is cool add on. It figures, every time I order a new throw, something comes out shortly after that makes me wish I waited. C’est La Vie.

Same thing with me bro!

Do ou think there will be a dark magic 3 soon?

No, they are still making money off the DM2. It’s a classic.
So why put money into changing a winning formula? It doesn’t make sense.

If you want an evolved or higher-end throw with the Dark Magic pedigree, there are some to choose from! Most recently the YYJ H3X. Looks to be a great throw.

Oh… It’s more than looks. I played one, it’s like… Sleeping on a cloud with a pillow full of smoothies. It’s just that smooth. :slight_smile:

Does the ghost edition play as well as the regular?

 Even better, ive had the chance to play with my friends ghost edition and it is sooooo smooth, and by the way, it looks amazing, also, it feels floatier than my original one but that might be because my original one is really dinged uP.