NEW YYJ Dark Magic 2! The Gold Plated 10th Anniversary Edition!


The Andre Boulay signature Dark Magic II is one of the most popular and best selling yo-yos that YoYoJam has ever created!
[b]To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of such an amazing yo-yo, YoYoJam created this special 24k Gold plated edition with custom side caps![/b]


Congrats on another edition of your signature yoyo andré!


Genuine Props! ;D

This is an important Milestone in your journey as a Yo-Yo’r, look how far you’ve come. You’ve shown great effort and amazing skill, we’re all very proud of you. Keep going! :wink:

(major_seventh) #4

You know, I’ve never owned a Dark Magic, but I kinda want one just for the heck of it.

Congratz Andre ;D


Seriously, I just bought a dark magic a week ago… Man I totally would have waited lol. Can I trade in mine I just bought for this color?? :stuck_out_tongue: