NEW: YoYoExpert Edition Dark Magic

(SR) #1

YoYoJam and YoYoExpert proudly present the first YoYoExpert special edition Dark Magic. Beautiful Dark Blue plastic with annodized black rims makes this one of the most eye appealling Dark Magics ever produced. This yo-yo also features special edition mirror caps with the YoYoExpert logo on one side and the Dark Magic logo on the other. This yo-yo is extremely limited with only 100 pieces ever produced!

From the Dark Magic Product Specs Page. Comments: This yo-yo looks so amazing, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them.


(Mark) #2

They look so good!


Dang, I just got a DM, I can’t get this one too. :frowning:


Dude I am gonna work my fingers to the bone to get one on these bad boys. I don’t care what it takes I am gonna get one of them. This will be my 3rd DM. Later.

Keep it spinning™


Yeah this is gonna be my replacement for my national masters edition that got beat up realllllll bad! Next time I think Ill just let my friend borrow a plastic rather then a limited edition DM.


Awesome, it would be cool if the new eXpert got this!

(Mark) #7

Like Samad, I think that would be cool.



I would get it but I am spending all of my cash on other things.

(system) #9

oMg I just bought mine! woot!!!


Man i need one of these. I sure hope nobody buys all of them :frowning:

I think im gonna buy one with a new breed ;D


Wow! Are the picure of the YYE and Dark Magic picture are in one yoyo?

Happy Throwing! =]


Yay! That yoyo is shipping to me!!

Happy Throwing !=]

(system) #13

Theres still like 90 left guys. idk if there should be such a rush :slight_smile:


You’re right. I just hope they don’t run out of stock by the 12th, i really want a new breed as well.

(system) #15

how much the new breeds gonna be?


Around $40-45 i think

(Chris Allen) #17

Cool, Blogged it.


Drat, now that you’ve publicized it, its gonna go out of stock even faster. I sure hope it doesnt by the 12th.


Wait, does that mean there are gonna be more of these in the future?

(Cinimod105) #20

No, it just means it is the first time. And it may be the first and last time.