New Inventory for

(Mark) #1

I was wonder when there will be a new inventory for yoyoexpert because all the ones im looking for are out of stock. Also, will there be a new selection of colors for the Speeder and Dark Magic? I want to get the White Speeder and Red Dark Magic.


(Mark) #2

Oh. I just noticed the Twitter. Does that mean they will be coming on the site soon?


Yes, Andre ordered more yo-yos to restock the inventory. The Black Knight was just added to the store in red and the Mini MoTrix should be in the store soon.

(Mark) #4

Yes!!! ;D What about Speeders (White) and Dark Magic (Red or Black)? I really want one of those!


I heard from André DM’s should be in stock next week.


Hold on, let me ask. I’m pretty sure about the Dark Magics.

(Mark) #7

Where do you ask? and thanks!


André is the one who told me about then DM’s.


I asked Andre.


We have a lot of product on order - just waiting for it to come in. YoYoJam has been out of Dark Magics for almost three weeks and they are expecting an order soon.

(Mark) #11

Great! ;D I can’t wait until they come in! Hopefully it will be soon.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #12

I think it will be soon. Dark magics are really popular. When they come in you better get one fast before they go out of stock!



We should have Black and Yellow Dark Magics next week. :slight_smile:
Duncan on order too and then of course new YoYoFactory colors and yo-yos:

(Mark) #14

I should but cant Steven. Parents won’t let me spend so much of my money and I must obey. Hahaha


Wow, André added a ton of new items to the store!

(Mark) #16