Red dark magic.

Why can’t you buy a red dark magic on this site? I mean, it’s the oen andre uses…

You can, they’re just not in stock right now.

I think the reason there isn’t a “red” one is that there wasn’t one to begin with. I think the orange one is what your thinking of. Orange can sometimes look like red ;).

EDIT: Just looked it up and i was wrong XD.

I remember about 6 months ago when I had been about 2 months into yoyoing I wanted a Dark Magic… And then they were ALWAYS out of stock… Every where… and now theres 132 black ones…

Im not sure if there will be more Dark Magics here soon because theres over 200 total instock… So I’d say get a different color…

@Samad, When you go to dark magic on this site, you can drop down the color select. If it had red, red would be in there, just with a 0 in stock next to it, this site doesn’t have red ones.

P.S. I don’t want one, just wondering why YYE doesn’t even stock 'em.

it doesn’t mean the don’t have them it means that they are out and the didn’t get a new shipment of red ones

What About A Black LEGACY From Andre? I Want One But I Suppose They Are Out to? Its Not An Option at the “add to cart” thing, But it is pictured there… okay dum question.


It depends on the color runs YYJ makes. Whenever they release a new run of Dark Magics, they sometimes do certain colors. It just so happens they didn’t make any red this time. Once YYJ makes a new run of reds, and YYE orders them, we will have them at the store. :wink: