Dark Magic Color HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to get a Dark Magic but I cant decide wich color to get. I can’t decide between red, black, or white. PLEASE help me!

cricket noises… well what color do you like. :stuck_out_tongue:

red and black

you should get red

… This is just one of those preferance things. I’ve had visual contact with the red, turquise, black, and white, and out of those, i still think the red looks best. Now if i were you i know exactly witch dm to get (non of those). But i can’t mention it on this sight because yye doesn’t sell it. Your going to have to find it for yourself… :-\

Now let’s approach this scientifically.

Fire trucks are pretty bamf.

Now, what color are most fire trucks?


You know what to do.

green if you can find it or if not aqua marine

I dont know about every one else, but I try to avoid black yoyos… So generic… But Some how I end up with a crap ton of blue yoyos…

I’d go red… White may start to look funky after a while. And like I said… Black is generic…

dont get a dark magic they come responsive i know from experince get a new breed instead unless you want a responsive yo yo