Dark Magic or a Speed Dial?


Kind of a self explanatory subject. I want to buy a new yo-yo but i just can’t decide between a DM or a Speed Dial. Any input is appreciated!

(JM) #2

Copied and Pasteded from earlier thread:

YYJ Dark Magic - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I absolutely love this yo-yo! It was my first “real” one, and it will always have a special place in my heart because of that. It’s very stable, it has great spin dynamics, and regardless of the abuse I have laid on it you can hardly see the damage. The versatility of being responsive or dead unresponsive just adds to how great this yo-yo is (it really really helps when learning binding). You’ll never go wrong with one of these.



I’m miles away from being as experienced as most here so I make no claims at expert advise. But I’ve used both of these. I think they’re both good, but my vote goes for Dark Magic.


Ironically enough, I had just happened to read that exact same post that you copied and pasted about 2 seconds before i checked to see if anyone had replied to this topic. I had been reading posts for quite a while and was leaning more and more toward a DM. The first time i read your post it convinced me. Just thought i’d check back on this before i ordered. The second time when i read it here it convinced me too! lol


ok ok, i was leaning toward a DM all along. Now for the harder question…what color? I’m thinkin blue or black…cant decide

(Waylon) #6

The black looks kinda hardcore once you get it dinged up a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

(JayVee) #7

Black makes it more authentic. Think about it; you’ll have a BLACK Dark Magic.


I was the one who started the thread that JM quoted, above. I bought a black one for just that reason. You can’t have a brightly colored DARK Magic, can you? It’s not called a Bright Magic… ;D

Granted, the blue one looks pretty good too… But even if it wasn’t called the Dark Magic, the black one looks pretty sinister; I think I’d have gone for black anyway.


(YoYoBlaze) #9

they’re both great but with some differences
they dm’s width is way bigger and the dm also ways more. they also have different response systems.
i would go with the speed dial if you were more of a beginner since you can easily turn the dial to make it slightly more responsive. the dial makes changing the response more accurate then with the dm’s adjustable gap. the dm more for advanced