dark magic or speed dial

hi i was wondering what you guys think would be a better buy

The Dark magic is a great yo. it has an adjustable gap a hybrid response and wight rings. however the SD is great too. it has an adjustable star burst and a great size. but all in all i thank the DM is the best for anyone. later and keep it spinning.

I own the Dark Magic and it is my main player, I use it stock with the gap twisted just a little bit out just so it is just not all the way, but not to loose. I’ve played with the Speed Dial and it is a very good yo-yo with a adjustable gap and I like it. but that is just my personal preferance.

thanks i just got back into doing this from a while and i want to get one quick and im leaning towards dark magic atm

Dark Magic All The Way! 8) :slight_smile:

yeah the dark magic. 4 sure.

I had that same problem :smiley:

the spped dial is a nice and smooth yoyo but the dark magic spins a little longer

i would deffinatly go with a DM, the speed dial plays nice for a wile but the plastic rims break, and the bearing “dies” if not properly lubed