My friend asked me this about my Dark Magic...

He said, “Wait a second, why is your DARK magic, WHITE?!” That made me think!

Easy, When you bought it you picked white… Problem solved.

Ehh, its just a name, But if you want to just for color’s sake you can take off the caps and call it “Not so Dark Magic”


I picked a white DM because it was the last color they had. I got asked the same question.

But they’re cool looking. :wink:

Obiously they are cool looking. With a name like “Dark Magic” it has to be cool.

facepalm DUH

Do they have Yellow Dark Magics?

Yeah, they did a while back. Whether or not they reproduce yellow ones is a different story. Just have to wait for new colors.

Actually, it doesn’t matter which colour is the yoyo. The magic INSIDE the yoyo is dark. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a dm and its AWESOME!!! im saving up for an addiction

It’s not dark…

I know how you can make a yellow DM.

… I won’t say any more.

That’s far from the weirdest question I’ve heard. Try to beat this:

“Is that yoyo electrical?”


Put a banana on it!

It might mess up your bearing…

And dye your rims.

Putting a bannana on it wont do the trick… let me give you a hint, it’s yellow… it’s liquid… it’s a bodily fluid… Yep. You guessed it.

Hey! You stole it!!!