Metal Dark Magic - Spill the beans André!



lol You wound Ed’s pic eh? lol

That yoyo looks awesome!

(LookAYoYo) #3

FINALY. i was wondering when they would make a metal version of the dark magic. is it going to have a different name. black mage?

(Kei) #4

I really hope not. I am not allowed to get the dark magic and if he calls it the black Mage I won’t be able to get it either. Oh well, LOOKS AWESOME. What’s next, all metal speeder? ;D

(Kyle V.) #5

Ooooh. How long ago was this taken? Very interesting.


Kei they have an all Metal Speeder Called The Meteor.

Oh, good Computer hacking Samad, What did you do hack his Webcam and steale a pic of them neatly stacked. ;D


No he got it from another forum. lol

(Mitch) #8

Neat-o… Siliconed response I hope/presume…

Im totaly interested


I thought Samad would do someting Ninja like. :frowning:
I like the Proto, Superstar, Meteor comparison.

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

I am not a big fan of the yyj bi metals sad to say. But, an all metal Dark Magic sounds sick!

(Kei) #11

Lol! I forgot. Let’s change that to all metal black knight.

(stephen_cameron) #12

Kei, why can’t you get a yoyo named dark magic or the Mage one? Are you / person who pays for your yoyos superstitious or beleiving in whitch craft?


What kind of beans are they? I like them refried.

That’s pretty awesome looking. I’d love to try that out.

(Kei) #14

They are my parents rules. Idk I just can’t get it. :-\


I would be way interested in this if they dropped a few grams from the original Dark Magic and kept the gap relatively small…


will yeah i mean tell ur parents that it wont hunt the house or so LOL wish u could get one :slight_smile:

(Kei) #17

Yeah me too, but it’s alright I have the legacy which is like the exact same thing. But I need to stay on topic.

What do you guys think the price will be. 80-90$


LIE lol, jk thats sad >:(dude it’s just a yoyo name! why could that be bad?


(screamo) #20

looks really cool, i have been imagining of those some months ago