test dark magic

hey my mom hates the name of the yoyo so she would not let me get it so i thout i could go 50 50 with it if yo have a dark magic by experiance of dents in the yoyo can u skrach it off the yoyo ??? ??? ??? ::slight_smile:

Look in the buy/sell/trade and see if someone will just pop the caps off for you and don’t send them. it’s not going to be possible to scratch it off.

Or, find a different yoyo. There’s plenty of other good ones. Granted, I like the Dark Magic II, but just saying there’s a lot of great items to choose from in the same price range as well if you’re looking to spend that kind of money.

just get something like a journey is what i would recommend. unless something is wrong with that name too…

Sure you can. Just pop the caps and scrape it off the inside.

I’m sure if all the YYE forum users worked collectivity, we could find a way to make any yoyo name offensive due to connotation.

I mean, who wants that filthy throw known as the Grind Machine?
Shall we rename the Die-Nasty the Die-Friendly?
The Speeder 2 the "Speed Limit, Variation 2’
All the 888’s could be seen as racist as they are catering to Chinese numerology, so could be offense to any non-Chinese or even non-Asians due to exclusionary reasons. Imagine my surprise when I was seeing 666 all over my wife’s Vietnamese New Years videos. 666 adds up to 18(Add 6+6+6), which then adds up to 9(1+8), which is a lucky number. Or you can do 999, which ends the same way. And don’t even get me started on the swasticas all over Buddhist items. Talk about potentially offensive!

The Hitman, the X-Convict?

How silly can this thread get?


If the dark magic name is an issue, you could go for the hitman, which In my opinion is the second closest thing to the DM, (And a yoyo I find a bit better as well)


This thread should be renamed ‘The free thank you thread’. Like Jayyo said, you could get a hitman, which I like more. And you could scrape of the logo withcnail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

Gonna have to pull a ‘George’ here, I have sent you a PM regarding a YYJ Legacy(I assume that name will be OK??) that has your name on it Tmac… Read the PM, then chek with your Mom, and if all is well get back at me.

Sadly I bet most of the people that post here have no idea who George is. Good on ya though. He would be excited to see this.

the only place the logo is on is the caps and you can get a suction cup at almost any hardware store. If you don’t want to do that expand you’re search a little bit there are a lot of choices.

I found using tape can work fine to remove the cap. I put a bit of electrical tape on one of my DM2’s cap so I could track which side was which. When I was removing the tape, the cap decided to come along.

So, any sort of durable tape might work good. Just make sure it’s on there good. Mine wasn’t a big piece of tape, maybe .75" long.

My first and still one of my favorites is the YYF Protostar I hear it is of the same caliber as the YYJ DMII. I actually just acquired a DMII so I’ll try it out in the next few days but I absolutely love my protostar. Same concept.

agreed. i was hearing all the hype about the dark magic, but i chose a protostar instead for my first. but i remember it taking a couple days to get it to come back up. My friend got a DM2 a couple weeks after, and the protostar is better… thats just my opinion don’t eat me alive.

Wrong as in she hates the band. Just tell her it’s a name and does not affect the yoyo in anyway.

ALL opinions are valid.

My kids both want Dark Magic II’s. I’m pleased with mine, but I’m telling them when they are ready to upgrade, there might be other yoyos they may want to check out.

All you need to do is really come up with some sort of parameters. Money is a good one to start with. “I only have this much to spend, what should I get?” It’s not an usual question.

Some people refine the search to say things they are looking for. Features, materials, colors, bearings, responses and even shapes and decoration.

There’s plenty of good stuff out there, so that’s a good thing. Well, it’s also a bad thing because it can be harder to make a decision. Just because someone likes or dislikes a model doesn’t mean you will agree or disagree.

Better? Opinion at best. A Dark Magic II is a Dark Magic II. A Protostar is a Protostar. Doesn’t matter which one, only matters which one YOU like better. You can use other people’s input to help steer your question. Is the DM2 hyped? Well, maybe it’s pushed a bit on the YYE site, but it is a good yoyo. Is it for everyone? Maybe. I like it. At the same time, I hear good stuff about all sorts of other yoyos for a gigantic variety of reasons, including the Protostar. Maybe I should get a Protostar and see what all the talk is about.

As you buy yoyos, you’re bound to end up with something you don’t like at some point in time, or at least, something you don’t enjoy as much. That’s reality. Don’t like it? Sell it, trade it or give it away, learn and move on.

So, keep in mind that “right” is relative to the end user in this case. There’s no default “right” answer. If there was, there’d be far less variety in yoyos.

Looks like you broke free of the energy conglomerates (Mythbusters reference)! You defied the laws of the creativity gods and did more creative writing.

Thanks. I haven’t even opened up MS Word today. I’ve been distracted with trying to resolve an audio issue in the timeline for the video project that is tied to a show I do.

I hear so much about the Protostar and the dv888 that I’m curious due to all the various praises these throws are gathering. There’s got to be something to it. Maybe curiosity will get the better of my bank account. Who knows.

This just lends more validity to my statement that there’s a lot of good stuff to choose from. This will only complicate things more for me in a bit when it comes to my turn to pick a high-end metal yoyo in October.

For others, especially the younger throwers, money is harder to come by. For me, I maybe work a couple of days a month, but I also bust my butt and am sore until the next job. Sound is a hard job to do, at any level. Moving heavy gear is part of the job, but then comes the enjoyable part, which is operating the big console. Just like you experienced throwers make what you do look so easy and effortless, that’s me behind the console. And for that work, I get a big payday. I work hard(or is it play?), so therefore I want to play hard. Apparently I want to play with a yoyo. I bring it in, I spend it. The younger people don’t have those sort of options. They have to save up, which can take a long time, and they gotta make sure whatever they choose gives them the best bang for the buck, as well as the best in user satisfaction. Even if it’s their parents spending the money, they still want to ensure they get the best they can within the monetary limitations. However, we all do, or if not, we all should. We should all try to be informed consumers.

Even the best informed decision, we can’t prevent ending up with what we deem to be a dud at some point in time. This is why every offered opinion is valid. Collectively, we should help each other choose wisely. In the end, it all comes down to that yoyo being in the hand of a thrower and what they feel is best for them.

Getting back to the original insanity of this post that a yoyo is being rejected due to the name, let me just leave you all with one thought:
If you look hard enough, you can find something offensive about anything. It just depends on how much effort you want to out into it. While I question sometimes where the names come from, they are what they are. Sometimes a catchy name can make or break a product. But if people are looking to be offended, I think those people need to do something better with their time, such as throwing yoyos rather than condemning them.

And: A Dark Magic II without the caps or with the name scraped out of the caps is STILL a Dark Magic II. Go figure!

Really hoping to hear back from TMac. This is a genuine, no strings attached(???)offer,…lol… I will send you a handful of strings as well but, you know what I mean.

Did you send him a PM about the offer? I’m guessing you did.

Once I see crazy talk like taking issue with a product name like that, it makes me wonder what the rest of the situation might be like. Maybe the Duncan Imperial would be banned because the parent is against monarchies? The Butterfly is forbidden because they hate insects?

Tmac and I have hooked up and I will be sending him his ‘new’ Legacy soon as he gets me his address.
To everyone else, Im sure we all have a yoyo or two we could give away, I started last January, I only been ‘collecting’ for about six months, so if I can do it, I think most of us could.
Go through your cases and find the yoyo you just dont throw anymore, and give it a new home, make someones summer.
These kind of generous acts tend to come back to us two or threefold, due to the big karmic wheel in the sky, so dont be shy.
Do it for George. ;D