beating a dead horse...poor thing

I am sure this has been asked more times than anyone else can count, but I am looking to upgrade in the yo-yo department and am curious as to what I should move to next. Any ideas? I am currently throwing a Hyperwarp Heavy Wing (1st run Heavy Wing), but I feel as though it is holding my learning back by not giving me the sleep time I need to perform tricks and the like. I am relatively new (again, again, again), but hopefully I can find a new yo-yo to help me stick with it a little longer this time. From my brief reading, the Dark Magic II seems pretty nice, but I am not afraid to be adventurous and try something that I have never heard of provided the reviews support it.

I am looking to spend around the $50 mark but I can be reasonable provided it isn’t like a $200 yo-yo. I am not ready for such a commitment as it would probably remain in the case and never see daylight so as I wouldn’t harm it. lol Moving on, I am obviously looking to begin using a non-responsive yo-yo just to be sure that we are on the same page.

Any other questions to help with suggestion, fire away.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I’d say you have your answer already. :slight_smile:

Get a Dark Magic II. It’s a great yo-yo that you can learn on and is good through advanced levels of play.

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I started with a dark magic 2, and look where I am now!
Okay… so maybe that wasn’t such a good example.
What I’m trying to say is the dm2 is the best choice.

Yes. Put my post back dude! JK.

I don’t care but I thought he was for real with that title Hahah!

I love my dark magic II! Using it for 5a and 1a…

I think that the dark magic 2 is a great choice, if not that, then maybe you could try out the shutter or the onedrop rally when it come out in a day or two.

The Darkmagic is more suited for him.

I really like the DM2 but I think you could probably do better, I REALLY like the duncan Echo for fifty dollars I think it runs for also the Shaquler Star is a wonderful yoyo, probably my all time favourite yoyo (though mine is a northstar) Also if its just the sleep time that is letting you down instead of dropping fifty dollars on a new yoyo perhaps a new bearing is what you need, a One Drop 10 ball bearing is a beautiful thing to add to a yoyo, better, longer, smoother spins for a lot less money than a new yoyo.

The only thing about these threads is that we suggest a yoyo that’s good for him and then everyone clusters him with other yoyos around the same price.

Not trying to be mean but it’s kind of anoyying. Just stick with the other answers because it clusters ones brain!

I personally really did not like the echo. Neither did my friends.

It feels funny. Like its made of hollow aluminum or something.

And there is no need for extra bearings unless you want. They don’t make much of a difference. People say. But not really.

My HWHW just got a new bearing and spacers as the old spacers were getting pretty ugly and the bearing felt like it wasn’t at full potential anymore. It uses a Raider bearing so the sleep time will never be fantastic, but it is good in its element and about 10 years ago. lol I was also looking at the Ooch (non-responsive version) on Yomega’s site for $20. I figured I could snag it and play with it for a while or get it along with the DM2. Yomega is what got me hooked years ago as a kid so they kind of have a soft spot in me, ya know? Plus, how can you go wrong with a plaid paint scheme for a yo-yo(Yomega Glide). I saw it and want it lol, but that is just me. Any opinions on what color to get the DM2? Thinking about the black/silver with acid rim. Looks pretty cool and different.

And who dares make fun of my title? lol

I dare ask how the heck you thought of that for a yoyo recomendation!!!

Get a DM2 in just a plain Red or Blue with silver rims unless you want to spend that extra money for something a little fancier.

Thought of what? Ooch? or Glide?

And I may get something a tad fancier in the paint department, but I do like red. :slight_smile:

If you are looking to go a tad fancier, a great high end yoyo that would fit all of your needs well would be the yoyofactory supernova. If you want somewhere between the $90 supernova and the cheaper dm2, the yoyofactory superstar 2013 and the recrev sine saw are both readily available right here on yye. Hope this helped. I have played all the listed throws, so if you have any questions about them PM me or reply.

I’ve never used the DM2 but it always seems to be recommended the most. It seems to me to be a starter yoyo. I bet its good, but after researching yoyos a little bit, if I had $50 for a new yoyo, I wouldn’t get that one. I’d get something a little more modern like the yoyofactory shutter or one drop rally. (just like phil the lizard suggested)

Also, I bet the DM2 would be a fine choice, but there are better ones.


And, just a tip. Whenever you make a yoyo thread (I speak from experience) there are going to be 50 answers with 50 different yoyos. There may be arguments but go with the dm2 on this one :wink:

I most likely will go with the DM2 this time, but I will get another soon after I am sure as I cannot buy one and be done…I have too much of an addictive personality for that…:smiley:

Honestly, I can’t argue. The dm2 was my first advanced yoyo too. I would also order a spare bearing, maybe a trifecta or center trac (available here as well) and some 100% polyester strings.

Most definitely a great uprade!  Here is just another awesome little incentive to pick up a dark magic II

And a local forum member posts this really cool video (that caused me to place an order for a set of shinwoo LEDs, today in fact)

No g and too the video here is
Best $5 I’ve arrived yet, but Vegas is right outside rk Magic II is a really friendly beginner or advances players yoyo it is well rounded yoyo that plays with the best of the other yoyos on the market.  The Dark Magic II ( from here on out know. As DMII)  comes as a kit as well (with a c bearing for non responsive play, thin bearing for responsive play, a cool trick DVD, thick and thin lube, and finally a package of 100% poly  as you can see the kit is a very good deal when you see the increase is equal to just the cost of the two lubes.) you won’t be sad with this rally nice stable, versatile, & easy to love yoyo.

Happy hunting and I hope you find the yoyo that bests fits you to keep your interested piqued and the tricks flowing!

Kimmitt won world title with a northstar… so you don’t have to spend >50$ for a good yoyo… the thing that cares most are player skills :wink:

Get a Shutter.

They just came out. Look dope. I think they’re only 65.

$45.00 actually, so even better. Sensational price. :o