New Yoyo


Hey so i decided to get a new yoyo… my yoyo now is he yyf whip
so I think i’ll be able to get a yoyo at the price of no more than 45-50$
few of the options are
yff DV888
onedrop Rally
yyr Diffusion
yyf Severe
Yoyofficer Brave
yyf protostar
or anything else in that price of not over 45-50$
I’m looking for a yoyo the I will have for a long ime to learn all the very advanced tricks because I’m not planning to get a new yoyo in the near future.
Thanks alot. Aviv


The rally fosho

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Out of the throws you mention, my personal favorite was the Yoyoffice Brave.
Its a very stable yoyo that would indeed take you quite far in terms of furthering your advanced yoyoing range.

Since you are upgrading from the Whip, you should know that all of these will play MUCH heavier than the whip, as the whip is a very light yoyo.

Your main decision now is if you want a plastic or a metal.
Plastic wise, the Diffusion is a great choice, as its a very durable plastic, with a very modern style to take you quite far.

Of the two I mention, you would need to choose if you want to go plastic or metal for the final decision. But either way you can’t go wrong.

I would recommend staying away from the dv888 as it is a very unbalanced and unstable yoyo it seems, and its weight distribution is faulty.
Protostars are very nice, but arent the most durable option out there.
The new Severe is nice, the Crazy D is fun, that about sums it up there.

Hope you find you can make a good choice based on my advice.
I’m a player of almost 16 years of serious yoyoing, so you can trust my views and opinions on throws.

Best of luck!




My recommendation from your list:


The Diffusion tends to be vibey. Not bad. Very good yoyo but too many have a lot of vibe. Mine vibes a little but not enough to make me not want to play it.

The YoYofficer Aura is $50, and smooth, stable, V-shaped, got a place perfect for those crazy gyro grinds I’ll probably NEVER do.

Gotta go cheap?

Classic with upgrades just feels good! So versatile too, 1A, 3A, 5A, responsive, unresponsive.
YYJ Surge. Kinda heavy, but not so bad. The full production run plays better than the BAC pre-releases.
Adegle YoYo PSG GEM, not a great grinder since it’s rather smooth.
C3 Alpha Crash, if you don’t care about grinds, as it’s SMOOTH!!

Magic T5 is pretty sweet too.


Yyj surge or rally


Everyone like studio, who is mentioning the classic/surge, obviously didn’t read the part [color=red]in red[/red].

He wants a yoyo that will take home far, I doubt it’s going to be that easy to go far like Buddahs revenge and superman on a upgraded Classic…

A classic upgraded is good after you know the tricks, for example, I use my ONE to do tricks with, not learn…

IMO, get a Dark Magic 2…

That’s the perfect upgrade from a whip.

Because in my opinion, you learn on a 10-20 yoyo, buy a 50 ish yoyo like a DM2, Raptor, or DV888.

Then a 100 yoyo and your good. The rest is just collecting.

Out of the ones you chose, I found the Delrin Severe to be a very nice yoyo, wide and easy for tricks…


I have never heard of the DV888 not being stable…

But, I would choose the Dark Magic 2 as your next choice…


Upgraded Classics play amazing.


The surge for me plays really Nicely. I pull it out when I want long spin times just being lazy it can handle Buddhas revenge


I’m seeing people COMPETING with upgraded Classics. Must be pretty darn good. Everyone does things differently. And unless you need IRG or gyro-grinds, the Classic with upgrades is just fine!

I personally didn’t care for the Delrin Severe.

Also, I like to learn stuff on my Anglam. Got a problem with that?


Uhh, no…



Honestly if you do want a yoyo that plays as if it were a metal costing you twice the price, the OD rally is your best bet. The break in period for the bearing is kind of annoying, but when you play with it, it’s hard to put down (imho ;D) the dark magic 2 is around the same price for ~45 dollars, but the quality is VERY different.
I play on high-end metal yoyos, heck I paid 300 for a CLYW peak, but even then the OD rally is up there with its ability to hold on to what ever you throw at it. Im not the best, but I think the rally has many features that will take you AND pass the advance level tricks.


I think i’ll go with the rally…I also liked the nice green color of it lol…
btw everyone says the rally is very smooth and stable (which is good) but its not like rock on the string and to slow play right?


I like my Rally a lot.


Now that I think about it a Rally is DM2 similar price…

OD Rally!


Is the rally good for a pretty fast style? if so i’ll probbly order one right now…
and now i’m willing to spend the xtra 1$ on the onedrop lube for my onedrop yoyo haha


Its 5.00 or 6.00 for lube…


Can’t answer that…

You can go fast with almost any yoyo unless you are Micky fast which I don’t think you are…

Rally is good, order it!


now im not XD
ok I’m ordering it!


It wasn’t mentioned in you list,but I have a ringmaster and I love it. Its similar in shape to the classic but has metal weight rings on the outside. Good spins and good feel. I generally switch between it and my chik.


I’m also ordering pack of 100 kitty strings…what color should I pick? i thought about baby blue\baby pink\neon yellow.
which one yo think will look best with the spring green rally?