Dark Magic or Dark Magic V2

Which to buy I went to buy one and there is a v2 now where did that come from. Are there any real differences? Is the V2 a better choice

I just finished up writing an article on the V2 Dark Magic over at the YoYoWiki. Here it is:

“The YoYoJam Dark Magic II is the sequel to the ever popular Dark Magic , the signature yoyo of national yoyo master Andre Boulay . This second version features a variety of differences from the previous Dark Magic. The first is the shedded rim weight; the previous version weighed in at a whopping 70 grams, and at the request of many members of the yoyo community, YoYoJam changed the weight to a more comfortable 67 grams. The diameter is slightly smaller, and the width is lightly wider. Some bigger differences between the two versions is that this second version features YoYoJam’s new Solid Axle system. The Dark Magic II switched from hybrid response , which came with the old version, to a very likable silicone . Another bigger difference is that this version ships with a responsive bearing in the yoyo, to learn more beginner tricks, and when ready to move on to more complex tricks, it also ships with a unresponsive YoYoJam Speed Bearing, which allows for 100% unresponsive play.”

So overall, I would definitely go with the DMv2.

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ive tried version 1 and it was ok. i think i would like the v2 better as it has silicone pads and both bearings. it also apears to have no adjustable gap and a special metal binding thing. so i would get version 2 if i were u

Ok I’ve bought a v2 on special delivery should be here tomoro or tues at the latest cant wait