whats better dark magic or dark magic II?

what do u all think about the new dark magic II and whats better dark magic or dark magic II

It’s good. Neither is better, they’re just slightly different.

Dark Magic 2 uses bearing switching to adjust the gap.
Dark Magic 1 adjusts the gap by loosening the yoyo.
Dark Magic 2 uses Solid Spin Axle technology so its hypothetically more stable but the original was stable aswell so I dont know.

I would personally get DM2 because I like the look better, and I would want to try out SSA (Even if I have an Atmosphere with it on the way.)

The dm1 has an o ring and starburst response

While the dm2 has double silicone o rings

The dm1 is more responsive out of the box

Finally both are great yoyos

there is really not much difference only dm 2 is lighter :wink:

i have play with both the dm2 spins longer and is unresponsive out of the box with the bearing switch

It doesnt spin longer, and both are unresponsive.

I prefer DM11 but it’s your preference that matters.