Dark Magic

  So i  have a dark magic 2 and i really like it (understatement), so now i am wondering where i can get and original dark magic if that is possible.  I would also like to know who has one and what you think of it compared to the numero 2.  I know that is has a different response system and all and was wondering if that made it play differently.  So please share what y'all think.  :)

Am i being shunned for asking a super dumb question? I can understand if they are extremely rare but there has to be one that is available.

As far as I know you can’t buy them new anywhere, and if you can they’re very hard to find. All the same you could still try and find someone who would be willing to trade there original Dark Magic for something you have.

Here someone who put there’s on eBay, looks like you might be in luck.

I personnaly think that the original dark magic tends to snag a bit more. I also thought it was actually fairly responsive sometimes while doing tricks with only around 2 string wraps. The new one has a very much better response In my opinion. And it has never really snagged during play for me or just tugging it. So I would just go for the Dark Magic 2 anyways.

The first Dark Magic has a few differences in play from the second one. One of the more noticeable diffences is the weight. After playing with the original Dark Magic, I think that the second one feels significantly lighter and floatier. Also, the second one is slightly smoother, probably due to the silicone response.

The major differences between the original DM and the DM II is the response and the bearing seat/axle assy. The original DM had a hybrid o-ring and starburst response system. The DM II uses silicon o-rings. The DM II also has the Solid Spin Axle System, whereas the original DM had the older molded bearing seat and brass thread insert for the axle.