Original dark magic

I’ve been thinking of pickup up an original dark magic, I have a few inquires. I’m aware of the hybrid response system, but how does it play today you replace an o ring with pads, sili, or a shaved down o ring. Will it accommodate a regular c sized bearing? What would you say is the general going price? Also I have a dm.ii is there anywhere I can acquire spare caps for it? I picked it up in a bst and it feels incomplete!

Original DM plays nicely. You can still use o rings… It uses a C Bearing. General pricing, depending on condition, I’d say $35 give or take $15.

beware that DM1’s tend to crack pretty easily like most older yoyojams

They do take a C size bearing and it will still be responsive even with a sili pad because of the starburst response on the other side. Now if you sanded down the starburst response like people used to do it’ll be unresponsive. Although the price has since increased I still feel that $20 is more than enough for a DM1