Looking for a Dark Magic 1


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a original dark magic yoyo. The one with the hybrid o ring, star bust response system. My friend gave me a yomega fireball about 4 years ago and got me interested in yoyo. I was hooked and when I got my job I bought two dark magics and gave him one. Well it has been a few years and my dark magic’s hub cracked. :frowning:

I have a new dark magic 2 and I use that one a lot. But for sentamental reasons I kinda want another dark magic 1. If anyone has one they want to sell let me know. Ideally I would like the blue one. I don’t care if it has the hub caps.

Also, I am thinking of getting another yoyo to add to the collection. Anyone have recommendations for another yoyo similar to the dark magic. Maybe one that is all aluminum.


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