Buying Dark Magic

i am new to yoyoexpert and i want to buy a dark magic(2nd hand or new) at 35$SGD. It must be a little good in condition and can spin and return well. Please i need this yo-yo i don’t have a yo-yo except for a lousy one that can’t return.

yyj darkmagic is an awsome yoyo its smooth it feels real good u can pull out tricks which u thought impossible i bought one so its good its responsive out of box then it becomes unresponsive.if u dont like unresponsive yoyos then dont buy it.but i will tell u to by dark magic coz it will help u in advanced tricks coz its unresponsive ;D

Instead of a used DM, save some money and get a Legacy. It’s just as good as the DM and half the cost. Although, it is unresponsive. And if responsive is what you’re looking for, the Legacy certainly isn’t the right choice.