Dark Magic FT *Wants Updated*

YoyoJam Dark Magic

I loved this Dark Magic. It’s a great player, I feel. The biggest dent/scratch is pictured. It is a little bit more banged up than in the picture because my friend walked the dog with it on concrete. But nothing a good rim satin wouldn’t fix. It does not affect the play much. I decided to sell it because I got an M1 and there was nothing I could use the Dark Magic for anymore. This is a fully unresponsive yo-yo, I would not recommend it to beginners who do not know the bind unless you have a bottle of YoyoJam Thick Lube to make it responsive for a while.

I can also add a Metal Zero if you want. Contact me about other deal sweeteners. Pics available upon request.

Cash (Around $30)
Beater Metals (I can add to the trade a little bit)
Any YYJ Bi-Metal other than DM
Any Born Crucial Yo-Yo. Like I said I can add to the trade a little.
Also, offer any yo-yo trade, I might accept it, or not. You never know.

Would you trade the Legacy… I have pics up

I already have a Legacy and I was kind of looking for money but man…I’ll seriously consider that one! I love the Legacy…

Blarg… I ment for a legacy, but I think you got the idea…

I was wondering if you’d except as a trade… I pm’d you

I also can’t get pictures in! I can send you links though, so whatever. Tell me if you want pics. Also, Smoke what yo-yo did you want to trade a Legacy for?

hey the lyn fury is taken were workin out the details

Yeah, yoyothrower123 got the Lyn, everything else is still up.

New yo-yos added!

Everything pictured is still there!

what do you want (yoyo money) for the dm?

I’ll take money or trades, I don’t care.

Come on guys! These yo-yos aren’t doing anything for me right now, just make offers! You never know what I might accept!

P.S. I’m adding to my want list, so take another look at that.

I might have already asked you in the chat room but would you be interested in anything from here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3284.0.html ?

how much for the dm. i might buy it if it is cheap

plz name the yoyo’s you would be willing to trade for my fhz http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3533.0.html

Kickside is gone.
Lyn Fury is gone.
Brain is gone.
Power Brain XP is gone.

I received an offer a while ago for my Dark Magic. That offer was a PGM and a Freehand. If that offer was you or you know who offered it, (you were in the chat room) then please tell me.

I’ve gotten a few good offers, I’m waiting a few days to accept one so this is your last chance!

I just updated the wants list! BIG YO PLEASE!!!