Dark Blue YYJ DM trade/sell


Trading/ selling a yoyo jam dark magic (dark blue)
its in perfect condition. 1 tiny little ding but you can barely see it.
the caps arent accually the clear ones. but some kinda reflective one yoyojam sent me ( which looks awesome!)everythings in perfect condition, bearing spins really long.
Because of the condition its in (near perfect) i might be sellin it a little high starting from bout 20 but make ure bids or offers!



hey i will give you $20

(Q) #3

25 + shipping?


would you trade for a legacy


is anyone willing to trade a protostar or counterattack?

(Q) #6

Sorry man. I deal in cashy money


ill pay $30 plus ill pay shihpping


ill give you 20 shipped for it

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