Dark Magic for sale.

I have a YoYoJam Dark Magic for sale, I love this thing but I’m getting tired of it and hate to see it go. There is one crack ari=ound the hub that hasn’t grown for a few months. there were dings but I sanded them down and polished the rims today.
Mighty flea
I’m looking for $30 shipped, offer anything, the worse I can say is no.
Here are pics:





P.S.: It use to be Samad’s.


You don’t need to bump on the same day :wink:

Thread change. 8)

for 5000 kitty strings…
and some Philippine goods!
(Just PM Me!) please!

No thanks.

Oh, uhm a “4” condition X-convict/With 100 kitty strings to your DM. (it was gave to me, but i play it only half and hour.)

Is it Ok?

No thanks.
I need cash for DXL!!!
Someone buy this!!!

I will trade you Sunset Trajectory NXG, Loop 720, Throw Monkey, Legacy and like 100 strings for it XD.

No thanks, I really don’t fell the need for those.
I actually have decided to keep this, so never mind. ;D
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