Anyone offering me a Yoyojam Dark Magic?

The title says all.

I’m looking for a darkmagic. I’ll offer money.

Maybe, but not right now. In a few weeks, I got an M1, but I’m giving it some time. What would you offer for it?

i have a dark blue one but i only accept trades

Well of course you have to offer money, or else you’d get it for free. (Awesomeness!)

Why not? Samad got a free velocity, and X-convict.

And Hitman and Plastic Grind Machine and Aquarius and Perfect Fit String. Something about him just gets him free things, I guess.

Right. Blackmail? :smiley:

Stop going off topic!!! >:( Anyone selling one?

Maybe. I have a Yoyo Master Edition Dark Magic that I might be willing to sell/trade. It has a few scratches and dings but I would say it is a 4 out of 5 still.


You still havn’t gotten back to me, do you want mine or not?

DUDE samad got all of thos for free!!! :o0.o igotta try sumthin…

I earned my yoyos.