Dark Magic

I’m looking to trade my DM. It’s a little dinged but in otherwise good condition. I’m trying to get an X ConVict but you know I’ll take any good offer.

Well… I don’t want to trade. Is it okay if I can just buy it off? If yes, how much?

I didn’t post that. And I’ll sell it. I’ll post a pitlcture and you can make an offer. Still willing to trade anyone though.

No, I’m not selling my dark magic. I’m buying his for like…$25 and a legacy.

Sorry it took so long to get these up. The dings are so small that the camera had a hard time focusing on them. But here you go.

I’ll trade you my darkmagic for it plus $10. Little dings.

…but I’m trying to trade MY dark magic. Why would I trade for another? See what I’m saying?

(good to know you got the pictures I took for you)
how much is the yo-yo you want again?
…I’ve been thinking, and I could probably help out by trading my cash for your dark magic. (I think that’s called buying though. =])

well, i’m trying to get a x convict but even a new dm isn’t worth that much.

i would trade my fh zero or my modded reflex or my mosquito or my fireball or my pulse
ps ill probably trade two of those for u darkmagic

Please don’t bring up old posts. Thank you.


Why would u trade a dm for xconvict? I have both and dm is way better.