dark magic response

is there anyway to mod a dark magic so it completely uses o rings or silicone yoyojam and if it is possible tell me how to do it


well there is two options first, you can buy another dark magic and split it so you have one that is completely starburst and one is o-ring or sili. Second you can sand down the starburst then recess it and put in the sili or o-ring

how do you recess it

requires a drill or lathe or something and a jewelers screwdriver. i suggest not preforming this alone and sending it to an experienced modder.

Yeah, send it to a modder.
Some good choices are:

Skip, and maybe Kyo, if you don’t mind paying a fee for Kyo.

icthus has a fee… 2 cents…

Most modders aren’t free.

Oh. I thought they were all free except for Kyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe collazoch does already have 2 Dark Magics so yeah you can switch them up to play entirely starburst/o ring

Yeah you can definatly modify your DD so you can have a double o-ring or double silicone it just depends on how you want to go about doing it.
You can either buy another DM and pull the axle out on of one and slap them together or you can find someone who has access to a lathe with a 3 inch chuck, which is the cheaper option and worked a treat for me.
There is a thread on the modification board that I started which has a link for the finished product when I modded my DM if you are interested.

I just noticed that this topic is in the General Forums section. Maybe you’ll get more responses if you opened another thread in the Modding Section.