Dark magic modding question

I just got a dark magic and I want to make it as good as possible for string tricks, some of the items I have are silicone rings and a set of thin and thick shims, is their anything I can do with any of this to make it sleep better or sleep better on the string.

Any help is appreciated thanks.


Hi, and welcomed to our forums! Glad to have you here, the most you could do with it right now ( with out extreme modding) is just silicone the recess, and put the shims in. But if you would like to risk your yoyo you could recess the starburst half, which i would reccomend it to be done by an experianced person. BUT THE BEST Thing you can do is get a good throw. PM Icthus, Even, or kyo if you are interested in drilling your yoyo. and again welcome :slight_smile:

Ok so really you dont need to mod the DM, the use shims whe first starting is not needed due to the adjustable gap of the DM. So best advice would be to just work on getting a consistantly good throws down as Raphael said, and possibly rip out that o-ring and silicone the recess, I personally dont see the point, but, hey it all depends on where you think you are technically