what to get for dark magic

hi all just a quick question im gonna get a dark magic yoyo what other stuff bisides string should i get with it(like o-ring or silicone pads and stuff like that) thnx and pls rply

Plenty of string. Do you have any lube? Maybe a spare bearing since you live in Croatia? That’s about all I can think of.

You also might want to get some shims for it. The shims are really inexpensive.

ok yeah imma gonna get lots of string,lube and i was maybe thinking of some o-rings
and what excatly is shims???
and the problem isnt that im in croatia cuz i go to england tonz so yeah thnx for all your help :wink:

You will not need another oring. they last basicaly forever. String, lube, shims, and possibly a bearing. Shims are little discs that you put behind the bearing. They make the gap bigger. These are shims: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/57/YYJ-Shims

maby sidecaps then if you dont like the ones that come on it…or something like that

Yeah I agree with everybody else. Shims ROCK. I have one Red Shim in my Dark Magic and it plays like a charm :wink: