buying Dark Magic... should upgrade bearing?

im going to be purchasing a Dark Magic in the near future and i was wondering if I should get a KonKave bearing to upgrade it right away? i live in Canada, so shipping is a bastard. I like to order things in one shipment instead of making a second order just for a bearing

any help or comments would be GREATLY appreciated… thanks

Should be fine, the yyj stock bearings are pretty awesome

Indeed. The stock bearing on my legacy is quite nice.

KK bearings have a tendency to bunch-up strings when layered causing unexpected binds and pain.

The stock bearing in the Dark Magic will be great. Konkaves won’t really help you much, if at all, but they do give a different feeling to the yoyo. If you have the money and want to try one out, go for it, but it won’t make the yoyo any better.

i recommend instead to buy silicone for it and/or spacers if you want a little extra unresponsive play. its great on mine :slight_smile:

what does the silicone and the spacers do?

Spacers widen the gap of the yoyo making it more unresponsive.

Silicone replaces the rubber O ring that the Darg Magic has. It creates a more unresponsive yoyo and smoother binds.

They’re out of stock with the red shims and silicone though. The things I wanted. :frowning:

yeah they are out :frowning: but u can try other brands beside yyj’s and they should work also you can try other sites to see if they are in stock. but i really like them and i think anybody with a dm would like them too :wink:

People wanna save money on shipping. If they had it here, it’d be $5 saved. Just a thought :slight_smile:

they are very low on Thin Lube in the store. and the silicone rings are out. i was wondering how often they restock?

Ask the store themselves. They know. I’m about to shoot them an email.


anyway i also ordered both types of YYJ lube.

and i want those Synergy caps… too bad they didnt have any left. :’( :’(

That looks really nice.

And we’re glad to have helped.

If you want shims here is a tutorial on how to make them.

For the silicone just go to the hardware store and get a tube of flowable silicone or RTV(if the dont have the flowable type). A tube cost 5$. Then stop by a pharmacy and get big 20cc seringe (the ones that dont have a needle) to apply the silicone.

The slim k pad works

A syringe (sp) isn’t really needed for applying silicone. It works fine to just use the tube and cap it off when you’re done.

The seringe makes the silicone applying easier and more accurate and saves silicone.