konkave for dark magic

just wondering if konkave bearings make any difference for a Dark magic ???

longer spin times and it will go unresponsive so if u know how to bind and want a longer spin times this is a great bearing

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The Dark Magic is an unresponsive yo-yo, it will be unresponsive without a KK bearing. It can improve spin times, but spin times don’t matter that much! If you really do care and you don’t like your bearing right now, just try cleaning your bearing and waiting a few days. If it’s still not working you might not like the feel of your yo-yo. (I have much longer spin times with an undersized M1 than the big DM) If you really want to you could get a KK bearing, but I wouldn’t in your position.

Actually, the DM is a responsive yoyo. However, some recent runs have not been lubed, so they are somewhat unresponsive. You can make it unresponsive by adding shims, a KonKave bearing, or Thin Lube.

They do make a difference, but I don’t think it is worth $15. I would just practice your throw.

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You don’t really need a KK. A regular YYJ bearing can take you all the way to master tricks and beyond. But, if you want a new bearing and have 15 bucks to blow, a KK would be an upgrade from the YYJ bearing.

KKs are fun and all but they just arent worth the money in my opinion. i prefer a dry 10 ball…which is cheaper than a kk!

Depends. Are you willing to buy a ceramic KonKave, or a steel KonKave?

Andre uses a steel KonKave bearing to get his Dark Magic to sleep longer than a regular YoYoJam bearing.
It makes it un-responsive, and makes it sleep longer.

A ceramic KonKave is worth more, that is if you want to spend more money. Ceramic KonKave bearings last longer, and do about double a KonKave, all in one. Yeah. Wow…

If you would buy a KonKave, make it worth your money, and buy a ceramic KonKave.

Is it worth the play? Yes! Do you need it? No!

Standard bearings should do you fine. As long as you have a well-working bearing that sleeps long enough, keep it stock. :wink:

Wrong Spencer, Dark Magics are sometimes unresponsive out of the box, stock bearing and all.

Rarely. Hybrid is a response of the 2 most responsive responses there is. With the gap all the way tight, I tried to do a bind new, and it flew up when I first got it. :slight_smile:

Ah Nice.
Mine came unresponsive today. So I guess it depends.

Actually, Andre uses stock Dark Magics.

Form m, all YoYoJam Thin Lube does is make it more responsive. Cleaning a bearing and running it dry makes it as unresponsive as it will get.

Yes GM, If the bearing is already lubed. Adding thin lube will make it more responsive.

No he doesn’t! Everyone says this!

I PM’d him a while back, and said he uses a KK to make it un-responsive!!! :slight_smile:

Well that does not mean the Dark Magic is responsive without a KonKave bearing.

Addment: Stock bearing makes the Dark Magic unresponsive.

Ok. That’s your theory, I believe it.

He DID use a KK bearing to make it un-responsive, and my DM WAS responsive out of the box. KK, stock, even the new YYJ bearings.

It’s not even theory, it’s FACT. And it’s kinda logic that you need to break in the bearing. That’s what André used to do before he started with the KonKaves.

You never said “before he started with the KonKaves.”

You just said he didn’t and some come un-responsive out of the box.

All I was told is he used them. That’s it.

I must say I’m sorry for leaving out all the facts here. Big mess-up. But yea, as he said in the interview with Yin (long time ago) and in a post where he answered DocRobots questions:

This is probably why I think that André is not using the KonKave bearing just beacause he wants his yoyo unresponsive. I think he said it because the KonKave could help you out in the matter.

Addment: Unless you left out some facts as well, André never answered that he uses the KonKave bearing to make his yoyo unresponsive.

It’s okay. :slight_smile:

ok well i got my darkmagic with a kk bearing today.
i played with it for about an hour with a regular bearing and then switched to the kk bearing.
with the regular bearing it had the ability to be responsive easily,once broken in it will still be responsive just not that resposive.
with the kk it went totally unresponsive. the gap was as tight as possible but it was not tug responsive.
i feel as if the kk improved performance.
if you have a straight throw i wouldnt worry about it but if you feel as if you could use even the slightest help i would go for the kk.